Conscious Life Events was founded in 2011 by Laura Di Mambro after she was guided to facilitate a collaborative celebration of soulful teachers and students.

The big mission behind this beautiful creation was to allow secrets and knowledge to be shared on various modalities to help re-build better life journeys through live interactive entertaining and educational events.

Conscious Life Events center on all aspects of  improving health, wellbeing, spirituality, nature and physical activity.

Over the last 6 years we have built a strong authentic and heart-based reputation in the conscious community.

This is because our people don’t just ‘talk the talk’.

We walk and share it together every day through eco-friendly products, practices, celebrations and adventures.

We help each other awaken our conscious spirit to the present moment.

We are not waiting for a future point in time, but focused on what we can do right now.

The potential of what can be achieved by becoming conscious of living in the moment is limitless.

We have made a commitment to to playing our part of raising the conscious awareness by inviting teachers, practitioners and specialists to share with our communities their love, knowledge and passion in all things health, wellbeing eco friendly, holistic and metaphysical.

The Conscious Life Events team runs regular inspiring and positive seminars, workshops, events and festivals promoting and supporting all aspects of conscious living and lifestyles.


The annual Conscious Life Festival (conceived in 2011) has grown to be one of our largest events, promoting and inspiring change and positive growth.

This two day event, shares powerful messages and products in health and wellbeing, lifestyle, environment, awareness and education – drawing in both men and women of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in conscious, healthy and sustainable living.

Discovery was conceived in April 2015.

Running over a transformational weekend, Discovery Expo focuses on Spirituality & Metaphysics, attracting men and women who travel far and wide to access guidance and clarity that our event provides.

Conscious Life Expo is held at the Gold Coast over a jam-packed weekend and is the newest edition to our events schedule.

Our very first one was held earlier this year and was an incredible success drawing in amazing speakers and attendees from QLD and NSW – some even travelling further than this to attend!

The Conscious Life Expo promotes all aspects of Conscious Living to help support your wellbeing and personal growth with holistic / alternative therapies & services, healing & energy modalities, organic & eco friendly products & services, sustainable & environmental services, intuitives, personal coaches , fitness, nutrition, metaphysical products & services & self development.



Hi I’m Laura Di Mambro – founder of Conscious Life Events

I always had the feeling there was something more for me in this lifetime, though I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

There were a series of events from 2009 through to 2011 that triggered my own spiritual awakening – then in April 2011 I had a life shattering experience that would change my entire world.

Then literally over night I just woke up and everything started to make sense.

In this moment the heaviness that I had felt lifted immediately.

Shortly after this I received the guidance to set up a community network – with the EXACT details of what I was supposed to do – and it was to create something really special.

I was guided to help share the knowledge of some gifted (and authentic) teachers to inspire and assist others on their own journey of self development and wellbeing in spiritual and alternative modalities.

This quickly transformed into something quite unique and special – with regular guest speaker events, workshops and the annual health and wellbeing festival -attracting many visitors to all events.

In this very short time I have seen a huge shift in people’s attitudes and consciousness.

Six years on and many successful and inspirational events later, the beautiful Conscious Life Events team and I are still as determined and passionate as ever.

We have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful individuals looking for expansion in their consciousness and many talented people in all modalities helping to share their work.

I continue to be guided to this day and our events are growing and shifting with the spiritual and holistic evolution of our planet.

The Conscious Live Events team and I and have so many wonderful ideas and events planned for the future to continue on our important mission – to play our part in creating a better place for us all!

With gratitude,