Are You Getting “OLDER” or “BOLDER”?

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Jason Reynolds – Quantum Movement

As we get older and supposedly wiser we progressively lose one of our greatest, and I believe most powerful gifts. We become so caught up in being an adult that we forget the enormous power of innocence we naturally possessed as a child.

As a child we owned curiosity, our minds were free and widely open. We asked a lot of questions! We were driven to explore and did so without bias or agenda; without limit. That is, at least until we spoke with a learned adult.

Yes, as children we may have been ignorant, but only to “the rules”. We existed for enjoyment, for fun; what other reason was there?

In a child there is a boundless vitality, an endless supply of energy. This is something not present in many of the so-called “wiser” souls. Why?

For me, this has less to do with a condition of youth, but more to do with the absence of conditioning.

As adults we “know” soooo much. Or do we?

Are we just repeating opinions, mimicking routines, spruiking what “they” said; trying to keep-up. Are we just following “the rules” unconsciously?

Sure there are many success stories out there, and stories of deep inspiration, but what do we have to show for it? I mean collectively, as a people.

Now before you spring forward with a response, or an answer (BTW I hope there is one), please consider:

How common is success? I mean, are 90%+ of the population thriving in your opinion? Or even 70%? What about 50%? Or is it even less?

So I have an idea I want to share with you now, something enduringly powerful. Something that is always common to success, yet always absent in failure. Something I believe is the single most powerful thing we possess (have I already mentioned that?).

The great thing is we all have it, and further good news is that it’s limitless and free.

It is something that has the power to heal any condition, disease or sickness. Something that has been the catalyst to every ground-breaking innovation throughout time.

And it’s the basis of every advancement we have ever made, both collectively and individually.

Without fail, it opens the doorway to every form of wealthy abundance.

It has been the engaging embrace of everlasting love and a deep, NAKED personal intimacy.

It unlocks the secrets to anti-ageing and is responsible for every advancement in technology we have ever known.

So why don’t we use it? Always, in every moment? Well we can, but it requires one thing, something possibly foreign, something most of us have never been taught:


And most importantly, the responsibility to willingly, even deliberately take action.

Soooooo, what is it? When coupled with the responsibility of “deliberate-action”, it is the most powerful thing you possess. It is the ability to:

Ask a question.

Leaders, innovators and geniuses ask questions and BOLD-ly trust in themselves, while followers ask questions of others and trust in them. Where do you sit?

So, to answer my first question:


In my opinion, whether we are older or bolder is determined by a choice we make in every moment to be either:

  1. Become the “authentic expression of your question” i.e. BOLDER, or
  2. To be the result of the answer, already known, i.e. OLDER.

A question exists to stimulate expression and movement, whereas an answer already known maintains what is already expressed.

To ask a question we must enter a state of vulnerability, we must accept at this moment that we do not know “how to”, and this is an uncomfortable place for most adults. It remains so if we choose to remain vulnerable.

Yet life is not about remaining where we are. By definition, life requires movement; the authentic expression of you. We are beings of pure energy, which only exists to express itself constantly in a unique and new kind of movement. And if we break that base rule of what we are, we experience resistance – a place where we often justify why to not move forward. We’d rather not move forward than accept that we simply do not know the “how to” in a manner that aligns with our truth.

NOTE: There is a requirement to complete this powerful process of asking questions. Without it, the breakthrough a question brings will become a burden which will weigh us down in obligation and confusion. The requirement of a question is ACTION.

Action is trust in motion.

We must be willing to act upon the intuitive information we receive before we receive it. That is, ask a question but begin on your path (i.e. faithful action) before your answer arrives. This requires “connection”, something we can only cultivate when we are in a authentic state of being.

We all have it already, but can we consciously achieve and/or maintain that state? Is it fleeting? Is it only when the conditions are right? Is it something I can maintain ALWAYS?

If not (and most of us don’t) we have a great opportunity to discover what natively exists within us. Do not mistake me, this is a journey, not some temporary blissful practice. It requires commitment and a confrontation with the darkened corners of your story until you can embrace them within your understanding.

We must first become truly present to where we are starting from. Only then will the internal guide, who is patiently awaiting your attention, be of service to you.

By the way there is only one thing a question is not responsible for:

Maintaining ignorance.

Will you ask a question or settle for the already known? What is your truth? And how will you express it AUTHENTICALLY?


Asking questions + willing action (which require your authentic state of being)

= Boldness, vitality and youthfulness

= Forward movement

= Expressing your authenticity.

Settling for answers

= ageing, resistance and stagnation.

Jason Reynolds
+61 400 169 169 

Jason Reynolds is someone who continues to ask questions. 

From a young age Jason refused to accept the dismissive and at times ignorant answers fed to him “that is just the way it is” OR “it has always been that way” OR “there’s no point, it will never change.” These questions sparked an adventure which remains in full swing today. 

Leaving conventional schooling early, Jason sought truth and worked with spiritual teachers and others who were then pioneers of their field. Whilst many of these people were “cosmically-conscious” they collectively shared a focus of action, self-expression and sharing a deep truth free from the distance of hope and wishing. 

Jason is driven to spark the divine authority within all. Enthusiastically awakening that calling broadcasting deep within. Embracing uniquely your weird and your grace in the inspired and ongoing moments of completion. 

“The truth is always available, if we are prepared to ask the question. Hope is what we are left with when we’re not brave enough to listen.” 


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