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“SpiritSong play original, contemporary arrangements of sacred mantras from around the world, gently opening into a deep, nourishing and conscious space for active awakening. A sublime blend of male and female vocal harmonies, keyboard accompaniment, harmonium and the meditative resonance of the Indian tanmandel make up the signature sound of SpiritSong.”


Bhavana are a group of musicians dedicated to spreading the joy of kirtan. Comprising of Harmonium, guitars, flutes and percussion their sound is upbeat, potent and joyful to sing along to. Kirtan is a powerful tool to train the mind, harmonize body mind and spirit and deepen the ability to listen to our heart space. They have performed at World Yoga Day, Yogafest, Byron Spirit Festival and play regular kirtan around the Sunshine Coast.

Ananta das

Ananta das is a disciple of the great yogi Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda. He has been studying under him for the last 18 years. The mantras he has received have been handed down in a long line of Spiritual Masters historically know as the Brahma Madhva Gaudiya Sampradaya.
According to the ancient yoga texts the primary method of this age is the hearing and repeating of these transcendental mantras. Join Ananta das as he invites you into a world of transcendence.

Laura Mitchell

Laura is a freedom-loving soul, here to bring her unique sounds, joys and expressions to this planet. Her journey has brought her to a place where community, sharing, creativity, play, fun, music, dance, art and nature are her favourite ways to bring heaven on earth.

Creating music in the moment, Laura will embrace the space with playful tones, luscious soundscapes, earthy beats and spontaneous co-creations.

Phil Foord

Phil began playing music in bands as a teenager and has a background of playing rock music. He began his awakening as a young man which greatly influenced his music style. In 1980 he discovered devotional music which resulted in two albums ( “Baba Love and Oneness” ) that led to him playing in front of 50000 at an ashram in India. Presently Phil has a universal sound in his music and a partnership with Chiho Kagawa of Armonica Sound Healing. He plays under the tuning of 432Hz , the frequency of creation, which has an incredible healing energy.

Troy Aaron

Troy Aaron has been working with Awareness, Presence, & Transformation now for over 15 years. He is also a multi instrumentalist & has played music constantly for his own healing and expansion. These two elements now combine to produce a powerful combination of Presence and Sound, assisting others to awaken and transform. Troy runs Instrumental classes, private lessons, Sound Healing Events, & sells instruments, to help others to open the magical doorway for themselves

Kim Kirkman

Kim Kirkman has been a professional musician for over twenty years. He uses the harp and his voice therapeutically through sound baths; and in concerts at aged care facilities, and at Lift, a space for spiritual and energy art in Maleny. Kim uses the Celtic Healing Cycle and resonant tone to customise his playing to groups or individuals.

With experience in many different genres, Dave McGrath from The Off Beat loves bringing people together to explore and connect through rhythm.
As a performer he’ll improvise on ancient rhythms from Africa, South America and the Middle East. Using a variety of traditional instruments and a loop pedal he’ll create a chilled out soundscape.


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Inna Segal

Inna Segal is a best selling, award winning author of The Secret Language of Your Body, The Secret of Life Wellness, The Secret Language of Colour Cards and her newest addition Heal Yourself Reading Cards! She has developed a profound ability to tune into people’s Bodies, see the causes of their disturbances and help them heal. She has travelled all over the world teaching people how to awaken their inner healer..

Therese Kerr

Therese Kerr is a Public Speaker, Author, Family holistic wellness advocate and was voted one of Australia’s Top 50 Most Influential Women and Organic Industry Leader. After having had endometriosis, hashimoto’s, rosacea and tumours in her spleen, Therese decided to investigate why her body at the age of 36 had experienced so many health challenges. In 2001, by chance she met Bill Statham, the author of the Chemical Maze. That chance meeting put Therese on the path that she is on now, educating and empowering people to wellness. Therese specialises in chemicals toxicity and its implications on health, both people and planet.

Dr.Mahdhi Mason

Dr Mahdi Mason is a land healer, author and speaker. Her background in corporate environmental management and energetic healing has afforded her in-depth understanding of practical and metaphysical approaches to helping individuals and Mother Earth.
Mahdi has just released her second book ‘Earth Healing: Healing the Earth to heal ourselves’ and is also the author of the influential book ‘The Power of You: How to Positively Influence People, Places and the World’ which was released in 2016.

Anne Gibson

Anne Gibson, The Micro Gardener, is an author, speaker, workshop facilitator and urban garden community educator. Anne has a passion for teaching people how to grow good health by eating their own homegrown food. Anne inspires people to improve health and wellbeing by growing nutrient-dense edible gardens in creative containers and small spaces. She shares organic gardening tips and tutorials to save time, money and energy on her popular website Her workshop will inspire you with easy ways to eat and grow your way to good health.

Kirsty Wirth

Kirsty Wirth is a Teacher, Integrative Health Coach, mother of two children.
Her area of interest is in gut health of children on the Autism Spectrum and more specifically, how the correct lifestyle, diet and supplements can positively impact their gut health, immune system, behavior and neurological function.
Drawing on seven years of research in biomedical intervention techniques and applying what she’s learnt in the treatment of her own son, Kirsty now educates others on how to investigate the root cause behind their underlying health conditions and how vital diet, environmental and lifestyle changes can be.
Kirsty is also the founder of Kultured Wellness a company dedicated to providing education, knowledge and products for optimum health and specifically gut health.

Elizabeth Hughes

Elizabeth Hughes was Head of Progressive Kinesiology in the United Kingdom for ten years before emigrating to Australia. She holds a B.A. Hons degree in Psychology and Education, along with numerous qualifications including nutrition, kinesiology and anatomy and physiology. As well as running a busy private health centre, she teaches Diploma level Kinesiology and Nutrition. She is author of 3 books on natural health.

Jean Sheehan

Jean Sheehan is the Director of Millennium Education. Her career transformed from Nursing, Pathology and Autopsies to teaching Millennium Modality® Medical Intuition. As a leader in her field Jean teaches globally and is featured in many magazines, TV, and Queensland University. She is recognised with many business awards and continually featured in magazines and as an international speaker.

Annie Clark

Anne has been speaking for over 30 years on health and wellbeing and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and empowering others to improve their health and happiness. She has written over 18 books and is a pioneer in healthy eating, being Australia’s first raw food author. Anne regularly runs interactive seminars and workshops, including the popular presentations – The Gut Brain Link, “The Art of Wellness”, Raw Food Workshops and the Running On Empty and Personal development talks.

Amanda De Warren

Is a gifted Medium, Psychic, Healer and Animal Communicator and has a special gift of being able to connect with animals – either passed-over or alive. She’s the ‘Animal Whisperer’ in Australia’s Woman’s Day magazine. Amanda has appeared on TV shows such as The Project, Mornings With Kerri-Anne Kennerly, Today Tonight and A Current Affair. She’s featured in numerous magazines and newspaper articles including a two-page spread in Queensland’s Sunday Mail. She also loves to go on radio and has twice shared the airwaves with people like Jacki O and Kyle, as well as Rove McManus

Julie McKenzie

Is an Author & International Award Winning Psychic Medium who is respected and loved all over the world. Julie is the WINNER of the International Psychic Challenge 2014 (filmed Internationally) and she has appeared on Australia’s Channel 7 ‘The One’. She has alone done numerous print media, glossy magazines, radio and television interviews. Julie is the author of the NEW Universal Prophecy Cards and has written the books The Universal Book of Life – Encyclopedia of Spirituality & Beyond, Dancing with Spirit, and the popular children’s story Gemma & the Fairies.

Paul Seils

Paul is a Speaker, Activist & Consultant who reached the top of his profession in landscape consultancy partnering with a James Packer company in Middle East based in Dubai with 65 staff. Paul is now on a mission to assist people take responsibility for their own evolutionary journey, bringing about positive personal and global change – Decentralized Cryptocurrency managed by the people, for the people, supports people to do just that – particularly the knowledge that Paul has discovered.
Over the years, this adept speaker has travelled and worked in many countries including the Middle East and has been involved with the Occupy Movement.
Paul created PSA in 2013 to consult to Clients and Founding Partner in Conscious Capital Partners. Paul also supports Cause-Driven Social Enterprises who are committed to assisting Individuals to create 1000 new social enterprises in 2017/18

Shayne Locke

Shayne Locke is an author and creator of spiritual media, Sage Magazine and Soul Traveller Radio. Shayne conducts workshops and retreats on the topic of peace and love. He has passion for helping people understand their own ego. The spiritual journey of love and understanding is for everyone (especially men who tend to bottle up their feelings and allow ego to rule). It is not about religion or faith. It is opening to the awareness of who we really are and what we can really become.

Tom Ledder

Tom Ledder is the founder of Selenite Sword Maker LLC and is dedicated to bring the knowledge of the Selenite Swords of Light out to the world. For the past 7 years Tom has been focused on the creation of energy tools; the Selenite Swords of Light, Ascension Rods and Ascension Staffs, which are used around the world by energy workers, acupuncturist and healers. Tom has created a training program titled and a Certification Program that he teaches in the USA and Japan.
Tom has also developed a subtle energy practice using the Swords of Light for Light Worker Training in Ft Collins, Colorado. Tom has worked in USA Australia Japan Mexico for the last 7 years providing lectures and the training and certification programs in the use of the Selenite Swords of Light with great success.


Leanora is a wild mystical explorer of life and energy. It is her passion to follow her heart and share the gifts of healing that naturally arise as an alchemy through the heart connection and alignment to owning your Soul. She is the founder and creator of Embody Truth, which is a culmination of her life’s work in regard to trauma and self realisation.

Allen David Reed and Tahnee Woolf

Are a dynamic duo on stage and their two energies balance beautifully. Californian Allen brings a profound gravitas, with his deep schooling in the mysteries, his profound knowledge of history and science, his practicality as an architect and his innovation as a virtual reality pioneer. Australian Tahnee brings a charismatic warmth that is infectious, with her talents as a storyteller and comedienne, her brilliance as a scholar and lawyer, her empathy as a healer, and her radiance as a coach and mentor

Dayle Batistic

As a facilitator and therapist with many years in the Health and Wellness sectors, Dayle Batistic is passionate about nutrition, physical and spiritual wellbeing, living in a natural and vital state of wellness and good health. Dayle loves facilitating and sharing her knowledge of the natural world, her Traditional Chinese Medicine teachings and her experiences with students and other seekers.

Michelle Mann

Michelle Mann is an author, creator of Gold Lotus oracle deck, numerologist, spiritual reader, and Reiki Master.
In South East Queensland, Australia, she teaches art therapy and spiritual guidance to empower others to express themselves emotionally as part of the
healing process.

Christina Cannes

Hailing from the US, Christina studied archaeology hoping to unearth ancient sites in Athens and Rome. Instead, she trekked into outback Australia ten years ago crafting bespoke editorial for travel magazines. Christina launched sunshine kollectiv, a conscious living hub for the Sunshine Coast, in June. She wants to turn the media world on its head by changing the story—always choose love over fear.

Christa Krahnert

Psychotherapist since 1993, German Naturopath since 1995, Psycho-Oncologist since 1998, supporting people with cancer and chronic disease. Professional Teacher and Speaker with different health topics worldwide. Co-authored “Process Orientated Cancer Therapy”. Trained Medium and Sensitive Healer.

Stephen Parka

Stephen is a multi-skilled analyst and trainer and will be talking about the medicinal uses of both Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis, current legal changes in Australia, and the efforts to control the cannabis medicinal qualities by Big Pharma using our legal and law enforcement systems. He will be sharing important knowledge as one of the only experts on Cannopathy as a legal methodology to complimentary therapy.

Sherridan Boyle

Sherridan is a passionate Visionary Shamanic Medicine Woman.
A convergence of Sound Healing & Ancient Wisdom brings forth the Activation for those ready to embark into deeper soul wisdom exploring plant wisdom, grid activations, songline awakening & internal journeying.
Sherridan Activates Light Codes through Sound and assists those ready to clear density and transform. As a Shamanic Medicine Woman, she calls your Ancient Spirit Wisdom to come forth. Anchoring in a deeply grounded presence calling you to Awaken & Reclaim your power.

Sunder Devi

Sunder is a spiritual motivator with over 50 years experience, currently spending her life between Australia, India, America the Netherlands and Turkey teaching, presenting workshops and life coaching. Sunder has lived in many countries, immersing herself in the culture where ever she went and believes her workshops and teachings are all shared from this life experience.

Amanda Mackay

Intuitive Energy Healer and Sound Therapist, Amanda Mackay assists clients recalibrate unharmonious vibrations of emotional blocks, behaviour patterns, learnt or energetically inherited from family to their soul tone in her healing space in Brisbane or by distance overseas.
Through writing articles for magazines and her blog Amanda provides insight into relationship dynamics, communication and how energetic barnacles are great teachers, transforming aspects needing to be healed into self-knowledge, acceptance and faith in ones-self.

Faye Wenke

Faye began her personal healing journey in 1976 after facing many challenging life experiences and discovered Reiki in the 1980’s. Her Reiki practice brought a calmer state of mind and renewed health and vitality. Faye trained to become a Reiki master in 1990 and has been teaching Reiki full time since then, extensively within Australia and overseas. Faye brings many years of personal development experience and Reiki practice into her nurturing and supportive workshops.

Sue Wilson

With 20 years’ experience in social work counselling before founding Bottoms Up, Sue has a lifelong passion for helping people achieve emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. She founded the business after her own life-changing experience of colonics and is a trained Colon Hydrotherapist and a member of Institute Complementary Therapists (IICT). So is also an avid fermenter and loves teaching people how to make this and implement them into their everyday lives. With the new understanding

Jo McInnes

Jo is passionate about Health and Wellness. She has strong values of Truth and Transparency. Jo is wanting to educate as many people as possible on these important topics.

Denis White

Denis spent his early working life in the furniture manufacturing industry before a career as an actor and singer took over. Denis grew up with a natural love of the outdoors, this lead to a broader appreciation and understanding of the wonders of the natural world. In recent years Denis became increasingly horrified and concerned about mankind’s abuse and destruction of the ecosystem in which we all live, a concern which soon became focussed on the dire threat of climate change and the warming planet. Denis joined the dots; the future of his grandchildren was under threat. It was time to act. In April 2016 “Sunshine Coast Climate Action Now” [SCCAN] was formed.

Lesley Crossingham

Lesley has been a spiritual artist and clairvoyant for forty years. She began offering her readings in 1978. She brings a wealth of knowledge to every personal session.

Paul Boulton

Paul Boulton is a Professional Psychic, Psychic Therapist and Aurhor of Self Help Tapping books. He has used Palmistry and Tarot for over 35 years as quick access to the workings of your inner mind. Almost 20 years ago he learned EFT but quickly found that format was not what he needed to help his clients. So he created Targeted EFT, Energy Focused Tapping a 2.5 hour Session that can help to reduce the impacts of old hurts and realign the heart / mind balance to bring on Positive Changes

Jillian Exton

Jillian Exton is the inspiration behind Chemical Free Community – on online resource that makes it easy for families to find ways to reduce their toxic exposures and supports the growth of chemical free businesses. Passionate about pursuing chemical free choices in her own life following a cancer adventure, and frustrated at how difficult it was to start the transition, Jillian turned frustration into motivation and created the Chemical Free Community.
Breast cancer graduate, author of “What’s Your Plan – Manage Side Effects of Cancer Treatments with Natural Supplements’, co-founder of LymphDIY, and founder of the Chemical Free Community, an online community, directory, events calendar and library to help inform and support those who choose to live in a ‘Chemical Free State of Mind’. With a focus on health prevention rather then cure, Jillian presents workshops and speaks at events to facilitate people’s ‘Ah ha moment’ and to prove it is not hard to live a less toxic life.

Brad Leech

Brad is a Clinical Nutritionist, Ayurvedic Herbalist and Researcher into Autoimmune Disease. Brad’s major clinical focus is finding and treating the underlying cause of any autoimmune disease, using a functional and holistic approach. With a passion for food as medicine, Brad uses diet, nutrition and herbs to balance the body from within. His philosophy includes correcting the four major contributing factors to autoimmune disease development and exacerbation: inflammation, leaky gut, dysbiosis and immune dysregulation.

Ramiah Selwood

Ramiah discovered his passion (to help others become the best person they can possibly be) and has worked from his home-based business with his wife Shakti since 2003. As well as a bestselling author, Ramiah was also editor of “Quantum Knowledge Magazine” which has been printed in its various formats since 1997.

Dianne Graham

Dianne Grahams intention is to create conscious conversations that support conscious choices. She’s a popular Reiki Master/Teacher and is inspired by leading others to recognise that we are our own healers and we all have our answers within. Every soul on this planet is shape-shifting in this rapidly changing world and Dianne creates a stabilising energy for those seeking deeper connection with their soul and inner wisdom.

Ananta Das

Ananta das started practicing bhakti yoga in the late 1990’s while still a teenager – as a kid growing up he felt a growing dissatisfaction with the plan his school teachers and parents had for his life and began searching for something more.
This search led him to eventually meet his teacher Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda, who is a Self Realised Vaisnava spiritual master. Studying under him for the next 18 years he learned and applied the ancient science of bhakti yoga to his life and experienced great happiness and fulfilment. He is the founder of Yoga Philosophy Club and the new and exciting Bhakti Camp

Mirka Pesek

Mirka recently immigrated with her family to the Sunshine Coast-Australia where she offers metaphysical healing journeys, provides activations and teaches about multi-dimensional mind & body structure and the fundamentals of healing, creation and manifestation. She established a serene space where she invites you to join a regular practice to maintain a mindful approach of oneself and life. Before that, she lived in the Mozambique bush, creating a space for people to retreat, learn and connect.

Christine Maudy

A specialised educator, Christine has worked with mentally and socially challenged children before launching her fashion label in Paris. Ten years later she launched a Public Relations Company. In 1995, she moved to Australia to immerse herself in nature and unleash her creativity and healing abilities.Reiki Master Practitioner teacher, Past Life Regression Soul Regression Therapy & Diploma Basic Hypnosis Jackson Institute , Diploma Specialized Education

Sand Mew

Sand passionately loves assisting exhausted, overwhelmed or stuck empath givers, practitioners and change makers to get reconnected within, energised, focused and empowered, so they can go for their dreams and contribute their unique Footprint on Planet Earth.

Pollyanna Darling

Pollyanna Darling is all about living a fulfilled, joyful life. She’s an intuitive life coach, mother of four boys, award-winning author, singer, passionate Earthlover, women’s empowerment facilitator, AU/NZ Coordinator for global non-profit TreeSisters, and loud laugher.

Lynn Lineger

Lynn has a Bachelor of Psychology and Distinction in the Practitioner Level Diploma in Sound Therapy with the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST). She has over 10 years’ experience working with children, parents, guardians and the community during her career with the Department of Child Safety and Disability Services, Foster Care and Adoption Agencies. Lynn focus on sound techniques to correct imbalances on all levels of being. Lynn has the desire to enlighten lives by bringing you into harmony so that you can release resistance caused by emotions and stress.

Moira Mac

Can be described as an empath, an author, educator and alchemist. Her curious trait of sensitivity attunes her to the ‘soul whispers’ of others and led to a series of mystical events that revealed the experiences of her ancestors that were having an impact on every aspect of Moira’s life. She shares this extraordinary journey in her book ‘Soul Whispers: Healing the Family Tree’.

R’hishana Kateea Sheehan

R’hishana Kateea Sheehan is the creator and channel of the Codes of Transition and recently the Codes of Divine Light, a series of Light Language images. She has been a lightworker and channel for many years, having trained in a sacred mystery school over 10 years ago. She has assisted in group service to Mother Gaia clearing many chakras, portals and opening stargates. Recently she started to bring through a series of intuitive light language codes.

Luisa Mitchell

Luisa does Shamanic Spiritual and Life Coaching with the purpose to help many awaken, heal, ascend, become self-empowered and shed energies that no longer serve them. Through experience and my own Shamanic Mentor, I have mastered energy where I walk with a knowing for myself and others, helping you become one with the universe. My goal is to help others reconnect and heal their own selves spiritually and physically, bringing balance into their lives.

Michelle & Prakash

Prakash is an accomplished musician singing and composing his own music as well playing silver and base flutes, guitar, harmonium and regularly plays in kirtan groups such as Bhavana and Divine Moon Kirtan on the Sunshine Coast. Michelle has a background as a Reiki Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Reflexologist and is a powerful channel of energetic healing and has written her own songs that have been performed in concert. Combined Michelle and Prakash help facilitate a dynamic transformational technique along with soothing meditation to crystal bowls, flutes, angel harp and chakra chimes to transport you on a magical journey of self- healing and awareness

Brett Grimley

Brett has completed a Diploma in Architectural Technology (1992), a Bachelor of Science majoring in natural and conservation management sciences (JCU Cairns 2004), a Permaculture Design Certificate (2007) and is an endorsed Sustainable Building Designer through the BDAQ.
Brett established Ecolibrium Designs in 2006.
With a passion for nature and architecture, Brett is driven to provide designs that are inspirational, comfortable and environmentally responsible.

Veronica Cougan

Veronica Cougan has been an owner and manager of Witjuti Grub Bushfood Nursery for 20 years. Over that period they have supplied plants and created gardens for schools, universities, kindergartens and the home gardener, and have enjoyed working alongside indigenous groups and community garden volunteers to plant bushfood areas for the public to experience the unique flavours of Australia.

Spencer Shaw

Spencer has worked in the native plant, re-vegetation and bush regeneration industries for over 28 years and is passionately committed not only to the preservation of native ecosystems through restoration works but also through education of the wider community in use of local native plants in our gardens and throughout our cultural landscape. To this end Spencer and Karen Shaw opened Forest Heart Eco- Nursery in Maleny in 2015.


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Marc Bright- Joylogy

Marc the Joyologist has worked with Children and their Families as an entertainer and playful empowerment facilitator in major Australian mainstream and spiritual events, since leaving the professional golfing circuit in 1995. Marc has a strong connection to Nature and enjoys to represent the value of Nature and Original Earth Understanding in Creative, Colourful and Playful Joyshop presentations.

Sarah & Kath McKee

Sarah is an artist specialising in spirit guide drawing, and photography, she loves capturing nature spirits in her photos, and connecting with nature has hand selected the wood for the wandmaking.
Kath is local to the sunny coast, and spends her free time connecting to nature. She is a healer who is here to shine her light and empower people to heal themselves

Jenna Brown – Breath Project

Jenna is Breathe Project’s captivating junior’s presenter. With a yoga + school teacher background, Jenna brings sunshine and magic to every crowd.

Vicci and Nicki-Wildlings Forest School

Wildlings Forest School offers a unique education program, providing an alternative way of educating children closer to nature and redefining where, why and how we educate children. Co-creators, Vicci and Nicki have been in the education industry in some shape or form since they graduated from high school. With experience ranging from traditional subjects as well as marine and outdoor recreation, their love of the great outdoors and a desire to change the way children are educated is what inspires them to leave a lasting legacy for their own children.

Stacey Nelson

When I am with children- I light up! For over 12 years, as a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher, I’ve shared yoga in schools, mental health and hospital wards, studios and at festivals including Woodford and Wanderlust. My “Light Up Little Lights Kids Yoga” DVD series screens globally on Food Matters TV. I certify teachers through the Inspired Kids Yoga Teacher Training. My intention to teach Kids Yoga is to give children life skills that help them be calm, compassionate and courageous, so they can remember their life purpose and unique gifts to share with the world.

Holly Blossom

Holly is an intuitive face artist. Her painting is unique to each face and really elemental. Holly uses lovely colours.. stencils.. jewels.. glitter to create something special. Experiencing her art is a real treat and is sure to delight every child.

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