Second solar eclipse – take extra care!

Re-energize and revitalize!

Mars is finally direct

Did you see the amazing Blood Moon lunar eclipse??? Wasn’t she stunning!!!

We’re not out of the woods yet, we’re still in the eclipse season. There are still huge energies around as the next New Moon is the second of the two solar eclipses in this eclipse season.

Eclipse season is a time when unexpected changes can happen, things coming out of the blue, out of left field. Take the time to be extra careful, especially as far as accidents are concerned, so take extra care day-to-day (e.g. when driving) and don’t take any risks! Stay present and grounded!

We start August with Uranus going retrograde on Wed 8 Aug at 2 degrees Taurus. This gives you the opportunity to review your life from a perspective of increased awareness, especially any innovation you may have introduced in the last 7 months. The house that Uranus is currently transiting (taking about 7 years on average to travel through a house) will be the area of your life currently under this kind of review. If your birthday is close to 23 April, you could be experiencing the negative side of Uranus which is destabilisation and chaos. Uranus can mean shocks and upsets; all we can say with certainty when Uranus is affecting your chart is “Expect the unexpected!”  It’s an opportunity to do some soul-searching into your sense of self and purpose, and transform this energy by bringing more awareness into your life. It’s also an opportunity to be more authentically yourself and is a classic time for re-inventing yourself. Uranus is retrograde for 5 months until Monday 7 January 2019.

In this unusual, extended eclipse season we have two solar eclipses. The New Moon in Leo on Sat 11 Aug is the second of these solar eclipses. It’s a partial solar eclipse, as was the solar eclipse New Moon of 13 July. This means that the New Moon energy of starting a new cycle is intensified by the eclipses, and any intentions you set now will be especially powerful.

The eclipsed New Moon in Leo on the 11th brings the opportunity to begin a significant new cycle in your enthusiasm for life and your creativity – whatever inspires you and ignites your passion!  This is a perfect time to re-energise and revitalise, and to have more fun in your life. Leo is ruled by the Sun and this sign has all the life-giving qualities of the Sun, inspiring others with its warmth, energy and passion. Warm-hearted and generous, Leo is the royalty of the zodiac, confident and regal with a flair for the dramatic, so don’t be surprised to find Leo centre-stage. Fire signs need to have plenty of fun, and Leos love this to be in grand lavish style. The downside of Leo is that they can be very self centred. I.e. it’s all about them.

If your birthday is close to the date of this eclipsed New Moon, your year ahead is likely to see really important changes in your life, significant new beginnings particularly with regard to your identity, your sense of self and your purpose in life.

The New Moon is exact at 7.57pm AEST (partial solar eclipse at 7.46pm AEST) at 18 degrees Leo.  Wherever this eclipsed New Moon falls in your chart is the area of life where you can expect a significant new cycle to start. Remember to set your intentions for this lunar month within 24 hours of the eclipsed New Moon. The eclipse gives extra power to these New Moon resolutions.

Remember: Take extra care during the eclipse season (it lasts till two weeks after this second solar eclipse on the 11th) and don’t take any risks!


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After three weeks of its usual communication challenges, delays and frustrations, Mercury goes direct on Sunday 19 August after its recent retrograde period. We can all breathe a sigh of relief as the frustrations of the last three weeks ease and communications become a lot smoother again.  (Remember Mars is still retro till the end of the month, so there could still be considerable frustration around!) In the days leading up to Mercury going direct, continue to double-check appointments and flight times, that you have your keys with you, and that messages get through OK.

Remember that confusion and misunderstandings occur much more easily in the Mercury retro period. Also this is not a good time to make major purchases as all too often you’ll end up having to take the goods back to the shop. Try to avoid signing contracts, and if you really can’t get out of it, make sure you read the fine print very carefully. Try to delay any major purchases or contract-signing till at least a week after Mercury’s gone direct again.

The Full Moon falls in Pisces on Sunday 26 August at 3 degrees Pisces. This is a dreamy, romantic time which can bring a yearning for oneness and spiritual fulfillment. It can also be a wonderful time for creative projects to come to fruition. Just make sure you’re seeing things clearly and not as you’d wish to see them, through rose-coloured glasses! Pisces is very good at self-deception, and not so good on boundaries. Be careful of any tendencies to rescue other people – as the Confucian saying goes, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for life”. The Full Moon in Pisces urges us to find a balance between seeing the big picture and staying in touch with the details that ground the vision. The Full Moon is exact at 9.56pm AEST.

After 10 weeks of frustration, Mars finally comes to the end of his retrograde period on Tuesday 28 August (AEST), stationing at 28 Capricorn as he prepares to move forwards again – meaning that all the frustrations and feelings of getting nowhere of the past three months will now start easing. Hallelujah!!! You can now make progress on stalled projects and other aspects of your life, incorporating the changes and revisions from the enforced review period of the Mars retrograde phase into your new, improved offering.

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