We are honoured to host incredible Guest Speakers here at Conscious Life, bringing amazing leaders in the conscious industry to the Sunshine Coast.

We have previously hosted & promoted events with Inna Segal, Tom Ledder USA, Amanda De Warren, Brandon Bays, Byron Katie USA & Rikka Zimmerman just to name a few.



Inna is a gifted healer and a pioneer in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness. She can “see” illness and blocks in a person’s body by intuitive means, explain what is occurring, and guide people through self-healing processes.

Inna Segal is and the award winning best-selling author of The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness and The Secret Language of Color Cards. Inna is an internationally recognized healer, professional speaker, author and television presenter. Her latest ground-breaking book is The Secret of Life Wellness: The Essential Guide to Life’s Big Questions. Her latest card deck is called Heal Yourself Reading Cards. Inna’s work is supported by medical doctors, natural health practitioners from virtually every modality

Inna teaches her students how to penetrate into the energy, symbology and the soul of the body in order to learn the true language of the body. In this way there is no guessing about what is really occurring in the body, only true understanding, acknowledgement and transformation.

Inna Segal dedicates herself to assist others in their self-healing journey and empowerment.
Her practical healing techniques, healing frequency, radio and television appearances, and healing products are changing the lives of millions of people around the world.

S E E & M E E T Inna Segal at Conscious Life Festival

Inna Segal is our guest presenter on Sunday 29 October at Conscious Life Festival QLD – Sunshine Coast with her books and merchandise available all weekend to purchase.

Inna will be at her stand from 12.30-1.15pm & 2.30-3.30pm on Sun only for book signings.

Sun 11.30-12.30 – Heal yourself Oracle cards workshop FREE to attend (admission to event)
Sun 1.30-2.15 – Awaken the Healer within FREE to attend (admission to event)

Only $10pp/ $15 weekend pass – Pay at entry

*** Heal your Body – Heal Your Life 4 hr Workshop ***
Sat 4th Nov 9.30-1.30pm $175pp early bird / $225pp

Please join Inna Segal, the bestselling, award winning author of The Secret Language of Your Body in exploring how you can Heal Your Body and transform your Your Life.

Program objectives

• Learn the various means that you can receive messages from your internal and external guidance.
• Understand how your life reflects the wellbeing of your body and your body reflects the state of your life.
• Understand what your ailments are trying to teach you
• Discover your energy bodies and how they either contribute to your health or cause you to lose all your energy and experience fatigue
• Understand the impact your ancestral memories have on you
• Become aware of which emotions have the strongest impact on your body
• Participate in powerful healing exercises
• Experience a rare opportunity to ask Inna questions

*** The Secrets of Your Eternal Life 4 hr Workshop***
Sat 4th Nov 2.30-6.30pm $175pp early bird/$225pp

Please join Inna Segal, the bestselling, award winning author of The Secret Language of Your Body in her profound exploration which is open to the general public for the first time, in discovering the Secrets of Your Eternal Life.

You will discover how to:

• Start listening to your intuition
• Understand the cycles that you experience in your life and how vital it is to be in tune with them in order to be healthy, successful and evolve spiritually
• Start to understand the laws of karma and how if you follow them, they will connect you to your deepest sense of self purpose, feelings of nourishment, evolution, inner strength. If you ignore or deny them you will feel empty, depressed, drained and unfulfilled.
• Explore how your past lives can influence your health
and what you can do now to positively influence your present state of wellbeing as well as your future lives.
• Discover which parts of the body play the biggest role in your wellbeing and what steps you need to take to look after them.
• Participate some powerful healing processes.

This information has taken Inna half of her life to discover, it is profound and life changing. This is sacred, secret knowledge so please only come if you are open minded and ready to go to the next level of your life.

If you desire to have a life of wellness this is a not to be missed workshop

*** Heal yourself Oracle Card Workshop ***
Sun 5th Nov 10am-4pm $265pp early bird/$295pp

Don’t miss this opportunity to join Inna Segal, bestselling author of The Secret Language of Your Body and explore her NEW card deck Heal Yourself reading cards. These cards give you access to a hidden doorway into your secret inner life.

These intuitive healing cards reveal to you how your inner and outer life experience impacts your sense of aliveness. This deck is unique that it not only gives you guidance but it also probes you to look…

What you will learn:

• Key aspects of self-healing and transformation
• Understand how to work with you inner and outer intuitive guidance
• Explore the language of symbology with which your inner being communicates with you
• Learn processes to connect with your intuitive senses
• Befriend the cards
• Learn to do one card, 4 card and 6 card spreads for yourself
• Learn to do readings for others
• Explore the shadow and light aspects that Heal Yourself cards work with
• Discover how this card deck is interactive and requires the person receiving the reading to get to know themselves.


-with Tom Ledder USA

SUNSHINE COAST QLD 24-26th Nov 2017


Please note it is essential you have attended Level I prior to completing the other workshops.

***Workshop Day One: How to use the Selenite Swords of Light and Light Body Activation***

Fri 24th Nov 5-9.3pm  –  $125

This DAY is designed to provide methods and techniques to work with the Selenite Swords of Light. Learn to work with this extremely high frequency light of the selenite swords for transformation.

HANDS-ON-EXERCISES experiencing different methods to use the Selenite Swords.

• You will learn techniques of how to activate, clear and balance the chakras, meridians and subtle bodies.
• .Activate and Balance the Chakras, transmute Karma, clear the endocrine system and work with the organs of the body. 
• Learning the powerful Light Body Activation process with the Selenite Swords of Light.
• The day will end with a guided meditation to activate the chakras within the physical body and outside the physical.

***Workshop Day Two:  Healers Training, how to Transform Energy***

Sat 25 Nov 10-5pm $175

How to Heal the Body.

Transmute Physical issues & Negative Energies with the Light of the Selenite Swords Esoteric Acupuncture Training Level I.

Starting with learning a new rounding technique using the light body activation to dramatically accelerate the stabilization of light in our physical energy matrix.

• You will learn to use the pendulum to locate PHYSICAL & NEGATIVE ENERGIES and the techniques on HOW TO CLEAR THEM with the Selenite Swords of Light
• Discussion and practice of new techniques recently developed to detect, remove and transmute negative energies and entities.
• PLUS learn new techniques that you can use to clear LAND & HOUSES
• Learn the basics of Esoteric Acupuncture ADVANCED ENERGY HEALING a ground breaking work developed by Dr Mikio Sankey combining traditional Chinese acupuncture, Hindu chakra system, the Kabala and sacred geometry.
• Plus esoteric acupuncture techniques and patterns to unlock the Antahkarana using the Swords of Light.
• The day will end with a guided meditation to raise your light quotient and activate Golden and Violet light to create a protection grid around the physical body.

***Workshop Day Three- Ascension Training Antahkarana Meditation plus time travel exercise***

Sun 26 Nov 10-5 $175

Starting with the new rounding technique, using the light body activation to dramatically accelerate the stabilization of light in our physical energy matrix.

• This day will cover the new Ascension Training Program
• All new techniques working with the 1st ever created CRYSTAL MATRIX ANHK
• Learn all new techniques to Activate Interdimensional DNA in the Field
• We will be doing a Powerful Time Traveling exercise both into the past to remove blocks and into the future to gain needed information.
• Learn techniques using the Selenite Swords of Light to build your light quotient and open your higher chakras into expanded dimensions.
• Work with the ascended master to bring in the higher energies to expand our ascension process.
• Learn the complete Antahkarana Meditation. The focus is on patterns and sequences needed to further accelerate your development of consciousness.
The day will end with a guided meditation of the complete Antahkarana Meditation – our connection to the Source.

**** Max 25 students per workshop ****

Please note it is essential you have attended Level I prior to completing the other workshops.

Workshop I $125pp
Workshops II & III $175pp
Attend all 3 and pay only $135 for level III

Previous students receive a 50% discount on levels I & II and 20% on level III

Prices have not increased since Tom started these back in 2014

All enquiries please contact :
Laura Di Mambro- Conscious Life Events