What’s In The Stars For 2019?

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We’re starting 2019 in an eclipse season, which means (if you don’t already know!) that the energies right now are much more intense than usual and it pays to be extra careful.  In fact, eclipses are book-ending this year, meaning we get three instead of the usual two eclipse seasons this year, all ramping up the energies!

If your birthday’s between 11-14 Jan you’ll be going through some potentially challenging times this year, as Saturn and Pluto hover over your Sun, challenging you to step into your power and into your own authority, and really accept responsibility for your life.

The total lunar eclipse on 21 Jan is the very last of the eclipses in Leo.  We’ve had Leo-Aquarius eclipses over the past 18 months and now we’re moving into the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses.  What this means for us at the collective level is that we’re being asked to develop the positive traits of Cancer, such as nurturing, looking after one another, focusing on family, all the while coming from a place of sensitivity, feeling and love. It’s also likely to be a time when the Feminine comes much more into her own power.

What we’re being asked to leave behind are the negative aspects of Capricorn, such as control, fear and rigidity so be mindful of this when we see the climate of fear being generated by politicians – that’s exactly what the Universe is asking us to leave behind, as we step more and more into our own authority.

Overall themes for 2019 – there’s an increasing intensity as we move towards 2020, as it’s a hugely significant year astrologically with Saturn and Pluto meeting up, something that only happens once every 33 years or so.  What’s happening right now is a rise in right-wing political movements throughout the world, very characteristic of Saturn-Pluto, and we’re still only in that lead-up time.  Saturn and Pluto are both already in Capricorn and getting closer and closer (and therefore stronger and stronger) as they approach their meet-up in 2020.  The positive use of this Saturn-Pluto energy for us to channel is using power (Pluto) with responsibility and discipline (Saturn), and therefore not abusing power.

Another highly significant theme for 2019 is raising our collective consciousness about the way we’re treating the planet.  Uranus is the planet associated with bringing a higher level of consciousness into our lives and being more authentic, true to ourselves.  Negatively, Uranus brings destabilization, upheaval and chaos.  In 2019 Uranus goes into Taurus for the next 7 years, finally waking us up at the collective level to what we’re doing to the planet, how we’re treating Mother Earth, the use of toxins to grow our food, the inhumane treatment of animals reared for the food industry, and the unbelievable treatment of the oceans and water supplies.

Uranus will be in Taurus for the next 7 years, and in that time we’re likely to see a huge collective shift in awareness around farming, land use and food production. I really believe that at the end of this 7-year period, being vegan will be as commonplace as it is today to be vegetarian.

This collective shift in awareness will extend globally and especially to how we are treating the planet.  The Extinction Rebellion movement in the UK is a wonderful manifestation of Uranus in Taurus, waking people up to the fact that time’s running out for the planet, and if we carry on as we are, then extinction is a very real possibility.

Meanwhile Uranus is a revolutionary at heart and will continue to bring destabilization and upheaval, not only in environmental areas but also in the financial markets, and even the housing and construction industries, all of which are ruled by Taurus.  The aim of the chaos at a metaphysical level, is to bring more conscious awareness into these areas of life, not just within the existing systems, but taken in a larger current astrological context, creating completely new systems that render the old ones obsolete, very much in the manner of disruptive technologies.  This is another whole lecture or article!!!  Exciting times, if you can survive the storm!

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