Astral Travel 101

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What is astral travel exactly?

Astral travel is the ability to sense leaving—and be conscious outside ofthe physical body. It’s also called astral projection.

Now as odd as that sounds, it is actually possible. When it started with me, I’d never even heard of the process, but it felt so real and profound. Lights or vibrations would come and ‘wake’ my mind within my sleeping physical body, just before dawn, and literally take me out and show me places, things, beings. They’d speak to me and seem to make a lot of sense. That was the sticking point. Plus, the ‘realities’ I’d go to seemed more real than this one. That was the real mind-bender.

Why me?

Who really knows… At the time I was a professional classical musician and had been obsessed in meditation for some time. I couldn’t believe the difference it made to my level of performance and overall sense of well-being—just through simple awareness and relaxation of my body and mind. It had become a way of life. And I’d notice so often, no matter what I was doing, when I sensed inside myself I seemed to be somehow clenching. This fascinated me: the mortal holding pattern.

What actually precipitated my first experience?

I took a sore shoulder one day to an energy healer and began a series of treatments to ‘unblock my system’ as she said. Then, one night, soon after, bang—the fireworks began.

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How does it feel to astral travel?

Incredible! Your whole body just charges up with this hyper-tingling sensation and your mind narrows in to a curious point of singularity. You become so focused on all levels, and for some reason that feels really, really good. It actually feels ecstatic to tell the truth. It’s an uncanny and hyper-aware state of being.

Where do you really go when you leave your body?

It seems you’re hitting other vibratory frequencies. And this is no science fiction. Quantum physics is all over this. An aspect of you, with mind in tow, raises its frequency and is able to access that particular dimension. And so while your physical body is left behind on a kind of pilot light status, your greater consciousness is set to soar. That’s my take on it. But in the end, the proof is in the pudding.

How have I changed from being in the astral realms?

It’s more about what I’ve experienced. And so many things. I’ve seen myself as a non-human just 3 linear lifetimes back. I ‘know’ that I’ve lived before and will live on. I’ve lost the fear of death, or loss, at a fundamental level within. You know it when it releases, and you viscerally sense it. I’ve become far less reactive in this reality as I see it as less real. I see life more as game of energy now. It just doesn’t grab me as much. I enjoy it more. I’ve learned to let go.

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Can anyone astral travel?

Well, from what I’ve seen when I’m out-of-body in this dimension (or the closest in frequency), we all seem to leave our bodies at night, just before dawn. Most people are just hovering above their human forms. You can see this. When I try to wake them, in their astral doubles, they normally open their astral eyes and respond, as if drunk, and go back to sleep. I feel we all have the capacity to be more conscious in this other body. In fact I believe that’s why it’s there: to explore the greater cosmos and remind us of what we truly are and where we belong.

What is blocking this awareness in most people?

Fear. We’re scaredy cats to an extent. As children we’re given night lights if we experience something out of the ordinary. We fear what we can’t rightly see or explain. We don’t really discuss it or explore it. Mechanisms in our societies trigger this state of fear to keep us in compliance and servitude. Fear on some level or another is perpetuated and strewn through our lives like confetti at a wedding. It’s become so ‘normal’ that we don’t really notice it.

The reality of 3D we find ourselves in is very much powered through a karmically charged engine of condition. The greater cosmos is unconditional. You sense that. It’s like chalk and cheese. This realm, 3D, is based on the karmic model of condition. This for that. Bad or good. When you escape that model, or recognise the insanity of it, it escapes you, and you allow yourself to open to other possibilities, other ways of being and ultimately other dimensional frequencies. It’s about altering your definition of being human. Then you release the block. You chuck the handbrake out the window.

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Is the astral scary?

It can be. I feel I was given a free pass, in that I was first taken out in such a beautiful, loving way. A light came through my forehead, woke up my mind, filled my heart with such joy, and asked “Do you want to come with me?” I had no expectations nor was I trying for any ‘spiritual’ experience.

But there were many occasions when my resolve was tested. Monsters, scary entities, frightful-seeming energies would often accompany these experiences, until I came to realise (within an astral experience itself) that these were merely the face of light seen through my own shadow, or ignorance. I came to recognise the bands of fear I would pass through to be the collective human fear. I disowned it and it disowned me—the law of resonance in action. But it wasn’t a decision to do so, to shed this karmic grist—it was a visceral release that happened while in the astral.

Can you bring on an astral experience yourself?

Yes, you can. Not always when or how you want. But there are steps, exercises, meditations, protocols that remind, cajole, limber, release and activate the astral body/mind. The very word astral comes from the latin astrum meaning star. The astral body is your star body. And we all have them. For one reason or another they’ve been put to sleep, but they are an aspect of what we are and can be enlivened. Simply to acknowledge the possibility of its presence goes a long way toward its conscious activation.

In fact, that’s where I come in. Part of my role here in this dimension (and I’ve been shown this in the astral) is to wake people up to this realisation. I’ve met guides (I didn’t even believe in that concept before), have witnessed past and future events (as well as my own death), and have traveled to so many beautiful, exotic, weird and uplifting places and planets. One thing I’ve learned is that truth certainly is stranger than fiction!

Pivotal in the astral experience, is physical and mental relaxation. Learning to stay present while unlocking yourself from the body and moving into a third phase of consciousness. Opening yourself up to the experience and just going with it is a skill in itself. Once again, I remind you, how much of our existence on this planet is focused around holding, gripping, clenching, not letting go, fear of loss.

Too often the archetypal hero of masculinity beamed into our energy fields from Hollywood is a stoic, suffering, having-lost-it-all, jaw-clenching, revenge-seeking sociopath, that is in constant fight mode to ‘get back’ what has been taken from him, what he has lost. This ever-pervading fear of letting go is a control mechanism engineered to keep the screws on. My advice: no revenge, no fight, no holding, no fear. I’ve learned over time that the mainstream is the greatest teacher of all: it show us what is not.

Is lucid dreaming the same as astral travel?

No, it’s not. But it is a sign of becoming aware while you sleep, which can lead to astral projection. The biggest difference is the sense of reality. A lucid dream is merely becoming aware of dreaming while you dream, whereas an astral reality will appear hyper-real; more real, in fact, than the reality you’re reading this in right now.

But you can use lucid dreams to become more and more conscious. In the beginning, I’d control any dream I’d wake up to. I’d manipulate it to suit my wishes (a bit like this reality…). Then I felt moved to let the dream go. I’d let myself fall, crash, be attacked—whatever the drama might be. I’d just let it happen. And it became the most ecstatic experience. For some reason, waking up to and allowing a so-called ‘negative’ dream just to unfold, is a most beautiful and liberating experience. Fascinating! And it makes sense. I’m letting go of the shards of remnant fear embedded within my psyche. And it all points to that program of fear once more: loss, loss of identity, annihilation, a failure ‘to be.’

Well I’m here to tell you: that’s simply impossible. You will always be. Always.

What’s the upshot of all my astral hang time?

Loss of identity, and invisibility, in the best and loving most possible sense. You sense the shackles of any labels and identities thrust upon you (by yourself and society) begin to drop away. Things just don’t stick as they once did. You see the system and its workings more clearly, but it doesn’t rile or burn up your energy as it once did. You become intensely self-loving and connected to the truth in those around you. You sense that all is precisely as it should be (because it is) as you ground into a more genuine, loving, and positive reality.

Image of GregGreg is the author of  ‘Awakening the Giant Within – A Personal Adventure into the Astral Realms’ which details his experiences in the astral world. He holds astral travel workshops and consultations, meditation classes, and offers healing sessions as a Reiki master in Brisbane.

As a former professional classical musician, Greg first discovered meditation primarily to combat stage fright. In 1999, he awakened to the reality of the phenomenon of astral projection. This was a life changing experience that expanded his consciousness, changed the course of his career and altered the very perception of his being at a fundamental level.

Greg’s healing and meditation work specifically aims at activating latent potential. The many benefits include greater concentration, ease of performance, more restorative sleep, and increased general health, well-being and vitality.

Greg works with individuals and groups in both private and corporate settings.