Healing the Wounded Feminine

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Christine Maudy

For a long time, I thought my story was unique and in many ways shameful. When I started sharing it with other women, I realised that abuse was unfortunately too common. Most women carry some level of pain in their belly, the site of the feminine energy, we call Sacral chakra. They have been abused physically, mentally or emotionally, criticised for their appearance and choices, repressed for being a woman; suffered in their flesh and heart when losing a child, having to abort or abandon their new-born.

Similarly, the Earth, has been, and still is, victim of abuse and neglect.

We have lost our sacred connection with nature and have relied for too long on patriarchal values focusing on power and money. We teach our children to be competitive and to follow a way that make them the slaves of the system. Too often, we ignore to teach them the most essential values: love, respect of all life and the many ways to be simply happy.

Our disconnection from the natural world and greed are causing physical, mental and emotional illness, accelerating the extinction of many species and the destruction of the planet.

It is time to bring back balance and harmony, reconnect with the Sacred feminine and re-establish a strong link between humans and the cosmos.

The growing interest for shamanism in the Western world is a sign that humans are awakening. Shamanism’s way of life and practice follows the feminine principles based on a deep understanding of the web of life. All life is connected and deserve to be loved and respected. Everything we do, think and feel has an impact.

The Rite of the Womb has been given to us by women of the Peruvian forest. They have healed the pain they were carrying in their belly and stepped fully in their power. They know that the Feminine energy must shine again and is the major key to create the new world we are dreaming of.

If we heal the wounded feminine, we can change what they call the “dream of the Western world”, a dream that has turned wrong and ignored the principles of life. The womb is the symbol of the power of life, the irresistible need for growth, inspiration and beauty.

The seeds of the Rite of the womb, they are sharing with us and asking us to propagate widely, have the power to heal the wounds of the past and create a healing channel, a divine force of unconditional love and awakening. 

By healing and empowering women, we can bring back the original balance between Masculine and Feminine and create the change we wish to see in the world.

This is a powerful time of transformation. Each of us is called to step forward and remember that we are not victims, we are all creators. The womb is not a place to store fear and pain, the womb is to create and give birth to Love. From our belly to the belly of the earth, let’s weave a web of healing light.