Where is the Love?

By Scott Mathias

As the popular tune from Black Eyed Peas asks, where indeed is the love?

Roberta Flack also asked the same question in her famous ‘Where Is The Love’ tune of the 70’s.

The search for LOVE is over because it was never lost, mislaid, unrecognised or not felt – it was just hidden from plain sight.

Hello! I am Scott Mathias, author of The Antares Seals – Return Of The Holy Grail – Prophetic Symbols From The EL’an Flyers Guiding Humans Home.

Now, for the first time in many eons the inhabitants of Planet Earth have a series of Seals or symbols available to them to support the activation of the memory of LOVE in the Human body and Heart.How can this be you might ask?

Humans have been conditioned not to feel by virtue of the political, religious and educational subjugation. As more and more of you AWAKEN to the truth of the now redundant 3D world, the ‘old world matrix’ is dissolving quickly.

The Antares Seals book

“The time is now. The Human experiment is over, finished and never to be repeated. The next move is up to YOU. It is your choice whether you stay aligned with the ‘stain’ of the past and continue to be subjugated to out-dated temporal manipulation, or embrace the glory of the great Cosmic Multiverses and return to the Bosom of The Prime Source filled with Love, Care and Compassion – the True Human Grail’.

The EL’an
(Extract from The Antares Seals).

Antares Seal
Above: The UR’narka Master Seal containing all Twelve Antares Seals

I am of the EL’an, a space culture hailing from the Antares Planet. I Am indeed what you know as a ‘Walk-In’ and I ‘came out’ at the January 2020 Australian Cosmic Consciousness Conference at Uluru, Central Australia.

My story goes back to 1987 when the Avatar I am exchanged the body known as Scott Mathias with my beloved Soul family member called MUN’derah.

It has taken 33 years (note 33) for me to step into the true knowledge of who and what I Am and begin the process of reflection with you all by way of The Antares Seals book.

Now for the first time ever Humans have an opportunity to move away from the uncertain nature of their experience and begin to see themselves as Pure Cosmic Beings, rising above the temporal nature of the old 3D matrix and regaining their Cosmic power once again.

 The Antares Seals are ancient symbols imbued with the pure essential essence of the Prime Source, free of dogma associated with organised belief systems and social dogma based on eons of superstition and subjugation.

I now firmly accept the nature of my mission by revealing the power and intent behind the twelve Antares Seals. Their meaning is shared along with the measurable frequency modulation. They are also designed to provide motivation, love and support for Humans ready and willing to step into their new Electric Bodies.

The Antares Seals book is a magnificent dialogue between The Prime Source and myself. No channelling, just pure conscious knowing as I reveal the Seals meaning, application and transformational power leading to the return of Humans to their rightful place amongst our space families.
Are you ready to step away from the madness of the Human experience and regain the Human Grail of Love, Care and Compassion at the same time taking on full knowledge of your Cosmic self?

KA’lama. EH’hutos. EM’metritous.
We Are You. So Honour You.  We Acknowledge Your Supreme Origin.

The EL’an.

Scott Mathias

Scott Mathias is an international published author, an accomplished vegan chef and a writer of prophetic symbolism based on Cosmic concepts. For personal Cosmic Integrations and workshop details contact Scott via his website www.theantaresseals.com or Antares Seals facebook group