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Inna Segal



Awaken Your Spirit Self

Inna and Ty’s last two weekend workshops have been the catalyst for so many powerful transformations that they have decided to teach together. It is such a rarity to find teachers who will safely enable you to feel the depths of your soul feelings and purify your spirit with knowledge of higher worlds.

They are now offering this special intensive workshop to maximum of 40 people only


Have you ever questioned; can I really heal myself, and transform my life? What is my soul? Do I have an eternal spirit? Is there such a thing as destiny?

If you see your soul in a generalized way, then the parts of your soul that are perishable and the parts that are eternal are not recognisable to you. This fact is the backbone of the worldwide epidemic in anxiety, confusion and excessive suffering that we are all facing.
Unlike any other workshop in 3 Days we will answer all these questions, gift you many take home practices and uplift you to feel the highest aspects of your soul!

With movement processes and imaginative teachings we will enter into:

An understanding into the Seven fold human being
• Death, Rebirth and our Karma (This will be huge!)
• Using sacred movement (Eurythmy) to incarnate fully into the body
• How the “I” can transform your world of feelings
• Recreating new healthy inner soul vows
• The three worlds: physical, astral and spiritual
• Exercises to disempower inhibiting thought forms
• Processes for awakening the Higher Self
• The mystery of sleep and how to enhance that experience
• Sacred healing movement for divine inner nourishment
• How to transform your future health and body through the laws of karma
• How to communicate with the dead
• How we rebuild our finer bodies in the spirit realms
• Processes to transform destructive deaths doors

You will receive powerful pre-training videos and take home practices to continue your transformation.

Ty and Inna have dedicated and disciplined their entire lives to deciphering the complex study of Initiation Wisdom, which preserves our spiritual heritage.

Inna & Ty always tune into the energy of the group they works with and shares what is the most important for the people present to understand in order to heal. Thus, certain aspects of the workshop may change.

(No workshop that Inna & Ty teaches is ever the same, so if you have attended an event with a similar name and description by Inna you will find a lot of new / or different material in this event.)

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