Astral Travel 101

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What is astral travel exactly?

Astral travel is the ability to sense leaving—and be conscious outside ofthe physical body. It’s also called astral projection.

Now as odd as that sounds, it is actually possible. When it started with me, I’d never even heard of the process, but it felt so real and profound. Lights or vibrations would come and ‘wake’ my mind within my sleeping physical body, just before dawn, and literally take me out and show me places, things, beings. They’d speak to me and seem to make a lot of sense. That was the sticking point. Plus, the ‘realities’ I’d go to seemed more real than this one. That was the real mind-bender.

Why me?

Who really knows… At the time I was a professional classical musician and had been obsessed in meditation for some time. I couldn’t believe the difference it made to my level of performance and overall sense of well-being—just through simple awareness and relaxation of my body and mind. It had become a way of life. And I’d notice so often, no matter what I was doing, when I sensed inside myself I seemed to be somehow clenching. This fascinated me: the mortal holding pattern.

What actually precipitated my first experience?

I took a sore shoulder one day to an energy healer and began a series of treatments to ‘unblock my system’ as she said. Then, one night, soon after, bang—the fireworks began.

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How does it feel to astral travel?

Incredible! Your whole body just charges up with this hyper-tingling sensation and your mind narrows in to a curious point of singularity. You become so focused on all levels, and for some reason that feels really, really good. It actually feels ecstatic to tell the truth. It’s an uncanny and hyper-aware state of being.

Where do you really go when you leave your body?

It seems you’re hitting other vibratory frequencies. And this is no science fiction. Quantum physics is all over this. An aspect of you, with mind in tow, raises its frequency and is able to access that particular dimension. And so while your physical body is left behind on a kind of pilot light status, your greater consciousness is set to soar. That’s my take on it. But in the end, the proof is in the pudding.

How have I changed from being in the astral realms?

It’s more about what I’ve experienced. And so many things. I’ve seen myself as a non-human just 3 linear lifetimes back. I ‘know’ that I’ve lived before and will live on. I’ve lost the fear of death, or loss, at a fundamental level within. You know it when it releases, and you viscerally sense it. I’ve become far less reactive in this reality as I see it as less real. I see life more as game of energy now. It just doesn’t grab me as much. I enjoy it more. I’ve learned to let go.

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Can anyone astral travel?

Well, from what I’ve seen when I’m out-of-body in this dimension (or the closest in frequency), we all seem to leave our bodies at night, just before dawn. Most people are just hovering above their human forms. You can see this. When I try to wake them, in their astral doubles, they normally open their astral eyes and respond, as if drunk, and go back to sleep. I feel we all have the capacity to be more conscious in this other body. In fact I believe that’s why it’s there: to explore the greater cosmos and remind us of what we truly are and where we belong.

What is blocking this awareness in most people?

Fear. We’re scaredy cats to an extent. As children we’re given night lights if we experience something out of the ordinary. We fear what we can’t rightly see or explain. We don’t really discuss it or explore it. Mechanisms in our societies trigger this state of fear to keep us in compliance and servitude. Fear on some level or another is perpetuated and strewn through our lives like confetti at a wedding. It’s become so ‘normal’ that we don’t really notice it.

The reality of 3D we find ourselves in is very much powered through a karmically charged engine of condition. The greater cosmos is unconditional. You sense that. It’s like chalk and cheese. This realm, 3D, is based on the karmic model of condition. This for that. Bad or good. When you escape that model, or recognise the insanity of it, it escapes you, and you allow yourself to open to other possibilities, other ways of being and ultimately other dimensional frequencies. It’s about altering your definition of being human. Then you release the block. You chuck the handbrake out the window.

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Is the astral scary?

It can be. I feel I was given a free pass, in that I was first taken out in such a beautiful, loving way. A light came through my forehead, woke up my mind, filled my heart with such joy, and asked “Do you want to come with me?” I had no expectations nor was I trying for any ‘spiritual’ experience.

But there were many occasions when my resolve was tested. Monsters, scary entities, frightful-seeming energies would often accompany these experiences, until I came to realise (within an astral experience itself) that these were merely the face of light seen through my own shadow, or ignorance. I came to recognise the bands of fear I would pass through to be the collective human fear. I disowned it and it disowned me—the law of resonance in action. But it wasn’t a decision to do so, to shed this karmic grist—it was a visceral release that happened while in the astral.

Can you bring on an astral experience yourself?

Yes, you can. Not always when or how you want. But there are steps, exercises, meditations, protocols that remind, cajole, limber, release and activate the astral body/mind. The very word astral comes from the latin astrum meaning star. The astral body is your star body. And we all have them. For one reason or another they’ve been put to sleep, but they are an aspect of what we are and can be enlivened. Simply to acknowledge the possibility of its presence goes a long way toward its conscious activation.

In fact, that’s where I come in. Part of my role here in this dimension (and I’ve been shown this in the astral) is to wake people up to this realisation. I’ve met guides (I didn’t even believe in that concept before), have witnessed past and future events (as well as my own death), and have traveled to so many beautiful, exotic, weird and uplifting places and planets. One thing I’ve learned is that truth certainly is stranger than fiction!

Pivotal in the astral experience, is physical and mental relaxation. Learning to stay present while unlocking yourself from the body and moving into a third phase of consciousness. Opening yourself up to the experience and just going with it is a skill in itself. Once again, I remind you, how much of our existence on this planet is focused around holding, gripping, clenching, not letting go, fear of loss.

Too often the archetypal hero of masculinity beamed into our energy fields from Hollywood is a stoic, suffering, having-lost-it-all, jaw-clenching, revenge-seeking sociopath, that is in constant fight mode to ‘get back’ what has been taken from him, what he has lost. This ever-pervading fear of letting go is a control mechanism engineered to keep the screws on. My advice: no revenge, no fight, no holding, no fear. I’ve learned over time that the mainstream is the greatest teacher of all: it show us what is not.

Is lucid dreaming the same as astral travel?

No, it’s not. But it is a sign of becoming aware while you sleep, which can lead to astral projection. The biggest difference is the sense of reality. A lucid dream is merely becoming aware of dreaming while you dream, whereas an astral reality will appear hyper-real; more real, in fact, than the reality you’re reading this in right now.

But you can use lucid dreams to become more and more conscious. In the beginning, I’d control any dream I’d wake up to. I’d manipulate it to suit my wishes (a bit like this reality…). Then I felt moved to let the dream go. I’d let myself fall, crash, be attacked—whatever the drama might be. I’d just let it happen. And it became the most ecstatic experience. For some reason, waking up to and allowing a so-called ‘negative’ dream just to unfold, is a most beautiful and liberating experience. Fascinating! And it makes sense. I’m letting go of the shards of remnant fear embedded within my psyche. And it all points to that program of fear once more: loss, loss of identity, annihilation, a failure ‘to be.’

Well I’m here to tell you: that’s simply impossible. You will always be. Always.

What’s the upshot of all my astral hang time?

Loss of identity, and invisibility, in the best and loving most possible sense. You sense the shackles of any labels and identities thrust upon you (by yourself and society) begin to drop away. Things just don’t stick as they once did. You see the system and its workings more clearly, but it doesn’t rile or burn up your energy as it once did. You become intensely self-loving and connected to the truth in those around you. You sense that all is precisely as it should be (because it is) as you ground into a more genuine, loving, and positive reality.

Image of GregGreg is the author of  ‘Awakening the Giant Within – A Personal Adventure into the Astral Realms’ which details his experiences in the astral world. He holds astral travel workshops and consultations, meditation classes, and offers healing sessions as a Reiki master in Brisbane.

As a former professional classical musician, Greg first discovered meditation primarily to combat stage fright. In 1999, he awakened to the reality of the phenomenon of astral projection. This was a life changing experience that expanded his consciousness, changed the course of his career and altered the very perception of his being at a fundamental level.

Greg’s healing and meditation work specifically aims at activating latent potential. The many benefits include greater concentration, ease of performance, more restorative sleep, and increased general health, well-being and vitality.

Greg works with individuals and groups in both private and corporate settings.


What’s In The Stars For 2019?

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We’re starting 2019 in an eclipse season, which means (if you don’t already know!) that the energies right now are much more intense than usual and it pays to be extra careful.  In fact, eclipses are book-ending this year, meaning we get three instead of the usual two eclipse seasons this year, all ramping up the energies!

If your birthday’s between 11-14 Jan you’ll be going through some potentially challenging times this year, as Saturn and Pluto hover over your Sun, challenging you to step into your power and into your own authority, and really accept responsibility for your life.

The total lunar eclipse on 21 Jan is the very last of the eclipses in Leo.  We’ve had Leo-Aquarius eclipses over the past 18 months and now we’re moving into the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses.  What this means for us at the collective level is that we’re being asked to develop the positive traits of Cancer, such as nurturing, looking after one another, focusing on family, all the while coming from a place of sensitivity, feeling and love. It’s also likely to be a time when the Feminine comes much more into her own power.

What we’re being asked to leave behind are the negative aspects of Capricorn, such as control, fear and rigidity so be mindful of this when we see the climate of fear being generated by politicians – that’s exactly what the Universe is asking us to leave behind, as we step more and more into our own authority.

Overall themes for 2019 – there’s an increasing intensity as we move towards 2020, as it’s a hugely significant year astrologically with Saturn and Pluto meeting up, something that only happens once every 33 years or so.  What’s happening right now is a rise in right-wing political movements throughout the world, very characteristic of Saturn-Pluto, and we’re still only in that lead-up time.  Saturn and Pluto are both already in Capricorn and getting closer and closer (and therefore stronger and stronger) as they approach their meet-up in 2020.  The positive use of this Saturn-Pluto energy for us to channel is using power (Pluto) with responsibility and discipline (Saturn), and therefore not abusing power.

Another highly significant theme for 2019 is raising our collective consciousness about the way we’re treating the planet.  Uranus is the planet associated with bringing a higher level of consciousness into our lives and being more authentic, true to ourselves.  Negatively, Uranus brings destabilization, upheaval and chaos.  In 2019 Uranus goes into Taurus for the next 7 years, finally waking us up at the collective level to what we’re doing to the planet, how we’re treating Mother Earth, the use of toxins to grow our food, the inhumane treatment of animals reared for the food industry, and the unbelievable treatment of the oceans and water supplies.

Uranus will be in Taurus for the next 7 years, and in that time we’re likely to see a huge collective shift in awareness around farming, land use and food production. I really believe that at the end of this 7-year period, being vegan will be as commonplace as it is today to be vegetarian.

This collective shift in awareness will extend globally and especially to how we are treating the planet.  The Extinction Rebellion movement in the UK is a wonderful manifestation of Uranus in Taurus, waking people up to the fact that time’s running out for the planet, and if we carry on as we are, then extinction is a very real possibility.

Meanwhile Uranus is a revolutionary at heart and will continue to bring destabilization and upheaval, not only in environmental areas but also in the financial markets, and even the housing and construction industries, all of which are ruled by Taurus.  The aim of the chaos at a metaphysical level, is to bring more conscious awareness into these areas of life, not just within the existing systems, but taken in a larger current astrological context, creating completely new systems that render the old ones obsolete, very much in the manner of disruptive technologies.  This is another whole lecture or article!!!  Exciting times, if you can survive the storm!

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What Is A Starseed?

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A Starseed is someone with many recent incarnations in other dimensions (often advanced civilisations) before their current lifetime. You could say, we are all Starseeds to a degree, however the people who identify with this energy often have numerous traits in common (see below). The term Starseed implies that these Souls tend to be pioneers, who enjoy ‘seeding’ other planets with ‘Star’ energy and technologies, as a type of public service. Oddly enough, my first graduate job was…in the Australian public service.

Why do Starseeds come to Earth?

Because they have been called here. Earth is one of thousands of schools for learning. It’s known for its extremes in physical and emotional weather. I’ve heard it said, ‘we come because it’s the only place you can have a human heart’ (if you know the source of this quote, please let me know). Earth is the place to be right now, because the vibration is shifting very quickly (especially after 21.12.2012 when the Mayan calendar ended etc.) You could say, many Starseeds saw this coming and wanted to be part of The Shift. Although Starseeds have visited for thousands of years, an influx arrived after the 1960’s, and they’re showing their true colours now.

Why should I trust you? This all sounds a bit kooky. Is this another conspiracy theory?

Don’t trust me, trust yourself and test what I’m saying! I don’t need your trust, you need your trust, as it’s your best compass. The evidence is there if you’re willing to put it together. Once you look closely at what you’ve been taught, you’ll understand that what we think is fiction, is often more real than so-called non-fiction. The more you embrace your heart’s ideas, the more you’ll find the ultimate truth and a safe place to call home. I’m writing this at 5.51am (155 or 551 is my lucky number sequence, it’s also the vibration of words like INTEGRITY and MOTHER MARY in numerology – 5’s are about rapid change and listening to your inner voice).

Remember, history has been edited by the victors, so that they stay all-powerful and don’t challenge them. There’s a huge chunk of information missing, as we’re easier to control when we think death is permanent, and that all our mistakes are being judged. Once you start questioning authority, and asking ‘HOW do you know that? What else could be true?’, you move from superstition to intuition and recover your (sixth) senses. ESP arises from an open mind, which is willing to consider multiple teachers and sources.

I have hundreds of recordings, stories, photos and videos that demonstrate we are Souls in temporary bodies, surrounded by Divine order and protection. Hence my Facebook page, The Numbers Queen – 11:11 Numerology by Sarah Yip . There are no ordinary moments (thanks, Dan Millman). Start taking screenshots and note of what you find and create your own database of proof.

Are you saying that Earth is a backwater, galactically speaking?

Yes and no. It’s a war zone, energetically, politically and spiritually. This can be a blessing, because we’re a hotbed for creativity (like a volcano of potential). So many people are still working through the first three chakras (root – survival and health, sacral – sex, money and power, solar plexus – control). Yet, there are also countless Souls doing magnificent things, especially in the healing, environmental, technological and artistic fields. Earth is a melting pot for curious Souls and Starseeds who want to learn about power.

How does a Starseed land, is there a difference to other humans?

Once a Soul is ready for a new journey, it meets with its guidance team (there are many names for these helpers) to decide when, where and how the mission will proceed. I don’t think there’s much difference with Starseeds, except a tendency to feel ‘numbed’ or ‘anaesthetised’ until about 13-15 years old. They must give us a shot of something before we jump in the rocket (!) This is to allow us to experience childhood with authenticity, as Starseeds are naturally very mature and knowing.  As a result, the teenage years can be very challenging (I had cystic acne, an eating disorder and anxiety, my Dad also left the country, which I blogged about here.)

Note: There may be a higher chance of walk-ins if you are a Starseed – this is where more of your Soul comes through at a certain age, causing a sudden reset in your interests and lifestyle. Some people also believe it could be a different Soul arriving. Here is an older post by one of my clients, Jade Joddle on how people with very different palms could be walk-in Souls. I have this feature too.

Are Starseeds superior to other humans?

Contrary to what you might read on the internet (good old spiritual whitewashing), not necessarily. You might feel superior, but in other ways you’ll seem ‘below-average’. I can channel someone’s purpose in seconds, but still get locked in toilets! All Souls are worthy of respect, no matter where they have chosen to study or how well-travelled they are. Whatever our gifts, we still have free will whether to use our powers wisely.  I do tend to see Starseeds rise to leadership positions quite often, if they haven’t burned out (or, after they recover from burning out). FYI, I’m writing an article on Asperger’s Syndrome soon, as there seems to be overlap between autism symptoms and highly sensitive people.

How do you know you are a Starseed? You sound pretty confident.

Ask anyone who knows me (and my Composite Whorl/ Starseed fingerprints), will tell you I can be a real Jekyll and Hyde. That’s the joy of having loads of Master Numbers in my numerology (find your lifepath). That said, I have so much documented evidence that I am sure I am a Starseed now. Seriously, the first time someone said I was one (a teacher called Teena), I thought they were nuts…until I got into my car the next day and the stereo turned itself on automatically. It played a song called ‘You’re the Star’ from a CD by Bob Proctor (who I later realised, is a famous 29/11 lifepath). That gave me goosebumps!

Since then, I’ve recalled many lifetimes elsewhere, and also met plenty of people I knew in those incarnations (including my 11:11 Soulmate husband Kris Anderson). Having barely ever touched drugs or alcohol, and being fairly educated, I trust my judgement.

What are the signs of a Starseed?

Rather than reinvent the wheel, here are some posts on this topic (please note, I’m not affiliated with the authors):
The Starseed Experience and Signs For Recognising Starseeds – Dimension 11:11

Star Seeds – Ariella Indigo
Nicely written post, she classifies Indigos etc. as Starseeds (which I agree with – a different take is below) I laughed when I saw her reference to Mary Rodwell (ACERN), as I took baby Forrest to her talk when he was only a few months old. He babbled to her like they were old friends, freaking me out. It’s taken me a long time to admit my fascination with aliens…I was raised to be secretive.

The New Children – The Awakened State This post distinguishes between Starseeds, Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Diamonds etc. I’ve included it for variety. The author says that labels don’t matter, so true! We’re all in human bodies/ ‘cars’ now, whatever driving school we attended.
Are You a Starseed? Mentions the morality that Starseeds carry, I note that this can turn to prejudice if we are not careful.
Are You a Starseed? Talks about how you may change friendship groups and struggle to de-program once you ‘flip’.
Starseed Signs – Starseed Awakening Mentions that Starseeds like Doctor Who and Star Wars (see my post on Star Wars numerology).

I meditate under a Tardis polar fleece blanket and my husband Kris is a huge Doctor Who fan. I’d add The X-Files and reality-bending/ time travel movies to the list, such as The Adjustment Bureau, ET, Guardians of the Galaxy, Powder, The Matrix. Harry Potter and superheroes also attract Starseeds (33/6’s often identify with Superman. Christopher Reeve was a 33/6 lifepath). Many of us were past-life witches, healers and wizards. Haha, I just realised that 11:11 Starseeds adds to 33/6 as well – the same as TEACHER, PRIEST and ROCKSTAR.

Note: I’ve found sites with odd sentiments like Starseeds having blonde or red tinted hair (?!) That rules out a lot of people! As an Asian, mine is jet black. I’ve also read about Starseeds being more open-minded in relationships, having no kids or more than the usual number of kids.

Hm, I know at least five people with 4 children, interesting. I’m guessing many of us are self-employed, as that goes with the whole self-exploring, free-range parenting gig. FYI, I fell pregnant at 34 (a turning point for lifepath 11’s), after decades of period pain, eating issues and unhealthy relationships. Fortunately, both my sons (Forrest, born 2016 and Charlie, born 2017) are super healthy. In terms of infertility, consider seeing my post on When Will I Have a Baby? or this post from Erik on Infertility

What’s the link between Starseeds and Numerology?

As crazy as this sounds, Starseeds tend to be so psychic as kids (even with the ‘anaesthetic’), that they quickly become sceptics of human nature. They can spot liars easily and get frustrated at the constant stream of injustices that seem to go unpunished on Earth. As a result, by the time they hit adulthood, they tend to need evidence before changing their minds or opening their hearts. See this post on the Girdle of Venus in palmistry (an extra Heart Line). They want proof that they’re not going to get hurt again.

Numerology fills this gap perfectly, because the nine-year personal cycles are so accurate, plus signs like 11:11 and repeating numbers are simply too compelling to dismiss. As a scientist, who was raised Christian, I used to make fun of psychics and never believed in numerology, until I began seeing the 11:11 prompts. What pushed me over the edge, was walking into a bank in Sydney and meeting a man screaming 11:11 at the top of his lungs. You can’t make stuff like that up! I had just started blogging on 11:11 and I knew it was time to accept my destiny…clearly the true path to wealth was staring me in the face.

Numbers are the language of the Universe, so it makes sense that the Universe would use figures to help us figure things out…they are the one thing we can’t ignore, especially if we are scientists, accountants, engineers, computer geeks etc. as some Starseeds are.

Do I have to be an 11, 22, 33, 44 (or other numerology) to be a Starseed?

No, if the information resonates, go with your gut. Our lifepath is only 25-30% of our forecast (albeit the head and shoulders of it), and we change numerology each lifetime. Master (or Double) Numbers can suggest you’re going to do more Starseed-type things, but that’s not a rule. Because I am an 11, I tend to attract people like me. My research is biased towards people who’ve Googled my 11/ 22/ 33 and 11:11 articles.

Why didn’t someone tell me I was a Starseed sooner? I feel ripped off!

They probably did, but you weren’t open to it. Maybe it was safer for you to stay undercover. As I mentioned above, Starseeds are notorious disbelievers and sometimes open critics of information like this. That makes them more convincing when, and if, they switch religions, careers, relationships and lifestyles (I call these people 11:11 Flippers), as people think, ‘if someone like that can do it, so can I’. I should know this, as I left my entire material and social network behind in 2011-2012, to start this business. That was just after 29, my lifepath age turning point as a 29/11 lifepath. By then, I was so exhausted from charity fundraising, a toxic partnership and ignoring my feelings, that I had numerous health issues and little hope for the future. Luckily, 11 is about double new beginnings and dramatic rebirth.

I’m still healing today, but due to my courage, I can do so in an environment where no one mocks my choices and diet (gluten and dairy free – see this post on food intolerances and common diseases). I work my own hours, live by the forest (and my son, Forrest, who was named after the trees and the movie character), etc. This has allowed my husband and I to build enough energy to assist other Starseeds to awaken. We are so sensitive to our environments, yet pretend we are ‘islands’. I’ve learned to treat myself more like a fish who needs water (feelings), than a crocodile stuck in a zoo. See this post on Silk Skin in palmistry

Why do Starseeds see the 11:11 Awakening Code?

That, my friends, would be a long story. See the links I listed in ‘signs of a Starseed’. In brief, Starseeds are activated at certain times in their lives, once they are ready to know their history and skills (yes, it’s like being a spy, in a cool way). I particularly see this happen when you enter a Personal 1 Year, hit your lifepath peak turning point, and/ or start meeting Soul Mates or your Twin Flame (some people call 11:11 the Twin Flame number but this is too limited). These are times when you most need your magic and mojo.

11:11 is a reminder that ‘every one is equal’, and ‘oneness is the path’. I have discovered a link between Starseeds, Master 11, 22, 33 and 44 numerology and 11:11 sightings – see my 11:11 page. Even if you are not a Master Number (or, as I say, Double Number – ‘Master’ is old-fashioned), you may have these qualities in your name, pinnacles, or among your inner circle (e.g. be married to one).

The number of 11:11 sightings has been rocketing since 2011-2012 (I began seeing the codes around 11/11/11 after a breakup, which I know now was a can-opener before Kris). I expect more and more people will be Googling Starseeds, numerology, 11:11 and other spiritual topics over time – especially the new kids. They are coming in with ‘early-blooming’ lifepaths like 11/2’s (knowing their purpose at 11, whereas I took until 29). Find your lifepath. You might also like my post on psychic babies and kids.

Why is there so much Starseed activity in Australia?

Good question! Still researching this one, but if you look at Indigenous Australians, they are one of the oldest civilisations on the planet (especially if you listen to Lee Carroll/ Kryon – a link is below). So Australia is full of powerful healing vibes. Also, Uluru is thought to be the energy centre/ solar plexus chakra of the Earth – see this brief post by Alexis Cartwright (another 29/11 who’s helped me a lot). I’m just about to publish posts on this chakra, 3 lifepaths and 2019 numerology – stay tuned!

Interestingly, I used to work with traditional owners and park rangers in Kakadu National Park. That’s where I realised that I was a fish out of water trying to be a crocodile hunter/ surveyor. I was too rebellious to survive in government, the UN and science for long*. BTW, I ended up in Kakadu because I turned down a role in, you guessed it, Uluru! I clearly wasn’t ready to know my identity back then. How quickly things can change in a decade. When it’s time to go, there’s total flow.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at Starseeds, 11:11 and Numerology.

Just remember, if you:

-often look at the stars, and have been doing so since you can remember
-have felt since young that you belong elsewhere, and thought that humans are pretty well, ‘alien’
-tend to be either super sceptical or interested in psychic matters, telepathy, UFO’s and so on
-love shiny things/ glitter, space and time travel movies, ET, Star Wars, Dr Who. etc
-are sensitive, intuitive and prefer a natural diet and alternative healing techniques
-have an affinity for trees, animals, crystals, technology, music (especially electronica or world music) and travel/ flying/ exploring
-plan to flip, or have flipped from a conventional to alternative lifestyle, especially after seeing 11:11 and repeating numbers
-find socialising overwhelming if people aren’t on your wavelength
-can, or have desires to perform mental, healing, physical or spiritual feats that are light years ahead of society…
You’re probably a Starseed!

It’s Mercury retrograde right now, a wonderful time to discover your secrets. Do what I did – ask the Universe out loud to ‘show me three clear signs if I am a Starseed in the next week please’ and keep a diary. If you get bombarded with songs about stars, 11:11’s, and alien jokes or dreams (or other synchronicities), welcome to the club my friend. We’ve been waiting to see you again. Time to join the Starseed Disco and change this planet for good!

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Hi, I’m Sarah Anderson (née Yip), Australia’s lifepath and 11:11 specialist. I offer psychic readings using numerology, palmistry, clairvoyance and Tarot by phone and Skype from Brisbane.

What is Medical Intuition?

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Jean Sheehan

As a nurse for over 15 years, I was well aware that there was more to health than the physical body and Western medicine often lacked the holistic approach to wellbeing. Unfortunately, Western medicine often only alleviates immediate pain and the true cause of the illness or disease often returns at a later date.

However, the good news is that the holistic approach of Medical intuition often allows the ‘client or patient’ to feel empowered and to receive optimum health on all levels.

Medical Intuition is the art of making whole and complete on all levels including mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and chemically.

It works by focusing and ‘tuning in’ to a person as a whole, in order to discover their ‘story’ which may have caused the disease in the body.  The disease itself is simply a warning sign that life is not going according to plan and medical intuition understands what the body is saying.

The human body is a blueprint for your most dominant thoughts or a ‘print out’ of your most dominant vibration. It shows the unconscious secrets in the body and will highlight this to you through pain, disease, mental anguish, emotional unrest or discomfort.

Each body part has two main functions – physical and metaphysical but as a nurse, I was taught only to focus on the physical aspect of health.  In most cases, medication was used with the intention of alleviating immediate pain and distress. For example, If you had a cold you were told to rest, increase your vitamin C and maybe given antibiotics to kill the virus and possible analgesic for pain relief.    Tests may also show that the spleen, which is part of immune system, would highlight an increase in white cell count.

However, what wasn’t observed was the metaphysical aspects of the spleen which is concerned with ‘worry, thinking, anxiety, immunity to what is said/done’.

Body image

Case Studies

Anna lived in Australia and always got the flu every winter. As an accountant, this was her busiest time of year completing tax returns. The body was actually ‘talking’ to Anna but she did not know what was happening. In actual fact, she was worn out, over thinking and was worrying continually about her work load. Like most of us, Anna ignored these emotions and as a result, her spleen became overworked and tried to communicate the message “STOP thinking and worrying! Here have a cold to make you stop and rest.”

Steven was a client of mine who wanted to pursue his career in golf. He excelled in this sport and was keen to enter professional competitions. However, Steven and his wife were expecting a baby. As a result, he felt selfish if he left his wife to play in golf tournaments and feared the lack of stability this career may bring. As Steven was pondering these concepts he fell and broke his ankle. He did not realise it but his ankle was expressing exactly how he felt about taking the next step of change and lack of stability.

The metaphysical meaning for the ankle is selfish, next step, change, stability and decisions. As a result, Steven’s body was talking to him and expressing the unconscious secrets he had. The good news is that while Stevens ankle was in a cast he was able to reflect on what he really wanted to do, which included openly communicating with his wife about his golfing career. Two months later Steven made a confident decision that his next step forward to be a dad and to play golf as leisure rather than a career.

Casey was 15-year-old girl who had continual headaches. She was unable to focus, and her parents tried everything to help her. They had been to see neurologists, psychologists and tried all sorts of medication. The headaches only occurred for Casey on weekday mornings. Her cranial bones were holding on to something. She felt the need to be alone and protect herself. The metaphysical meaning of the cranial bones is about ‘holding on to and protection’. What Casey’s parents did not know was that Casey felt she didn’t fit in at school as she was a sensitive child who preferred to be at home, reading in solitude. Her headaches were actually ‘allowing’ her to stay at home and keep herself protected. Once her parents were made aware of this situation they assisted her with home schooling in which she thrived, and her headaches suddenly disappeared.

Medical intuition is understanding why things, experiences, situations, diseases and discomfort occur in our body and assists in returning the body to its optimum healthy place. So next time your body talks, listen to what it is saying.

I thought I would share some information and explain a little more about what Medical Intuition is, and what I have been able to do and see from birth.

As I see it, the human body is a blueprint for your most dominant thoughts.

It is a print out of the internal vibration. It shows the unconscious secrets. You are the author. Your biography becomes your biology. You write your story. What is your story? What is your body saying? The human body will show you where your spirited self is aligned or not aligned with the absolute totality of peace, joy and purpose.

Let’s go back to BIOGRAPGHY. The word BIO means:

  1. Life – living organism
  2. Indicating a human life or career

And the word GRAPHY means:

  1. Plot that pinpoints spaces together
  2. A diagram that plots two sets of points to create an image
  3. To plot a function

Therefore, when I teach your BIOGRAPHY becomes your biology it means ‘a set of points and numbers that are positioned to create a diagram or image with specific function. Once these patterns and image have set and mapped the human part of us follows the instructions to become this image and make life of this image. This is known as a career and purpose.’ This relates to not only disease but everything in our life and connected innately to our living as spirit.

Vituvian man image

How fabulous are we that through living we can see exactly where we are up to and what is happening by instant manifestation? We are plotting and designing our life to see our best self and our potential. This can come in many forms such as dis-ease, relationships, money, children’s behaviour problems or even just watching TV.

The core understanding is that we are souls having a hu-man experience and that we all have an opportunity to tap into or access our potentiality.

Our innate spirit knows we are already perfect, and our human journey is to remember that in many and varied ways. There is not good or bad only images and perception. The healing part is to make whole and complete and when we see our self we remember we are already whole and complete and there is nothing to fix or change as we are divine spirit.

So why not from this moment, plan, imagine and design the life you want. Ask yourself have you already got what you want? Ask your self is your spirit living or existing?


With a background in nursing, pathology, and autopsy knowledge, Jean Sheehan is an award winning and internationally recognised Medical intuitive. A 3-time bestselling on Author on Amazon, she is continually requested to speak about Medical Intuition. Her unique systems for adults and children have been taught in Universities in Australia and on a global basis. Jean has also been featured in numerous radio, TV and magazine articles and on cruise ships. To find out about Jean and her work, please see Jean’s website Millenium Education.

Selenite Swords of Light

Guest Blog image

Tom Ledder

Tom has been making Selenite Swords of Light for the last 11 years and along the way has branched out to create other Ascension tools that will be of benefit to light workers around the planet. Tom’s mission is to magnify the love, light, and grace of light workers so that they may bring love and light into the planet in a very powerful way. The Selenite Swords of Light does this work with great efficiency.

Selenite Swords of Light

At this time, it is especially important that all the light workers on the planet function at a high degree of purity and efficiency. When we look around the planet, we see much work that needs to be done and many corrections that need to take place to bring harmony, peace, and more light to the planet. The Selenite Swords of Light because of their ability to magnify all the energies that are placed on them many folds, they are the ideal tool to assist mankind in moving to the next dimension of love and light.

Over the years every batch of new swords that Tom has made has become more powerful holding more light and love and projecting higher multidimensional dimensional frequencies and aspects into the world.

The Selenite Swords of Light can assist you in connecting into the higher dimensions of love, light, and grace in all the levels of consciousness and planes of existence. How this is accomplished is very interesting subject. The ingredients that are inside of the Selenite Swords of Light create a synergetic effect that multiplies all of the individual energies that are in each sword. The blade of each sword is made of pure Selenite which comes from Morocco, and within the handle of each sword is a mixture of power crystals, temple energies, and crystals from other sacred sites around the world.

There are over 400 crystals that are crushed into a powder and mixed with additional Selenite powder. The Selenite powder adds a multiplication and broadcast capability to the material that is in the handle. Also, within the handle is a 1 ml bottle of sacred waters from over 35 locations around the planet: waters from Mother Mary’s spring, sacred wells of England and Ireland, Mount Shasta Mount Fuji the Tippon water Temple in Peru the Amazon River, Lake Titicaca, and more. One other additional ingredient in the swords is that around the handle of each sword are over 350 pictures of ascended Masters and Angelic beings, sacred geometry forms, the Keys of Enoch, Lemurian, art, Lemurian tones, sacred symbols and all colors, plus many others. Each Selenite Sword of Light is individually Hand Mastered.

Tom says “I wanted to share with you a download I recently received as I worked with one of the newest Selenite Swords of Light that I have made. What came in was a discourse concerning how the Selenite Swords of Light actually works. As I mentioned inside each sword is a bottle of sacred water from sacred sites around the world, this bottle has two powerful magnets on each end and is connected by a twisted copper wire. This configuration of the sacred water being surrounded by this magnetic field creates an electric current running around and through the water. Researchers have found water has a tremendous ability to hold information and sacred water is holding sacred information from around the world. Combining the electrical magnetic field in the handle moving through the connection grid which is the Selenite powder and all the other power crystals creates an immense and significant synergetic effect”.

Computers use quartz to store and transmit information in a computer. What Tom received was that the sacred water is creating a sacred computer that is connected to the crystals that are inside of the handle and then it is projected through the blade of the sword.

Selenite has a property that it magnifies whatever is placed upon it, and what Tom received is that Selenite connects all the other crystals into a living consciousness and intelligence that is interphased to this powerful computer that is multidimensional and has unlimited capability.

The interface to this powerful device is through our intentions, thoughts, and the connection of our hand placed on the handle. This connection of our hand sends an actual current love, light, grace, color, and sound into the handle to turn on and activate the Selenite Sword of Light. This is a thought-activated sacred interdimensional computer that can perform any task or assist in any Activation or Ceremony that you may want to do or work with specific energies that you would like to work with. The crystal that is placed at the handle end of the sword brings about a deeper connection between the sword and its owner, plus adds a flavor and an effect that can be specifically structured for a linage or council of light from the future or past.

So don’t hold back with your goals. Request of the divine and expand whatever your mission and puzzle piece is. Let the Selenite Sword of Light assist you with what you would like to accomplish and in whatever your mission is because inside the Sword of Light is your sacred water computer that will produce sacred manifestations for you. The Selenite Swords of Light that Tom creates are living beings that have a tremendous intelligence and want to assist you in your work!  So, have fun and change the world. Your light and love is greatly needed. Magnify it with Selenite Swords of Light.

For more information on Tom Ledder and the Selenite Swords, visit

Conscious Life Events are proud to be presenting Tom Ledder workshops on the Sunshine Coast in November.


Discovering the Hidden Language of Your Body, Soul and Spirit

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Inna Segal

Symbols surround us in every area of life. However, the ancient language of symbology is just as hidden now as it has been for thousands of years. When you can truly understand it, everything in your life evolves; your intuition, your wellbeing and your sense of direction.

Your Being is made up of a network of energetic pathways. As you develop your intuitive capacities and spiritual eyes, you will discover that the language of your Body/Soul/Spirit is symbolic. It means that when you tune into yourself or another person you will be able to perceive symbolic, metaphoric and archetypal images as well as cellular memories. You may also become aware of their feelings, chakras, beliefs, programs and habits.

Below are some symbolic images to help you start to understand what you may perceive in yourself and others.


Of course this is a general outline and you would have to become aware of where in the body you are perceiving this image, as well as if there are any feelings or thoughts connected to it, what colours surround it and if there is a sense of ease or heaviness.

flower of life

The Circle is the most common and universal signs, found in all cultures. It is the symbol of unity, infinity, completeness, eternity and wholeness. The circle also represented deep feminine power innate in every woman.

The symbolism of the circle is most familiar to us is the ring, which encircles the finger associated with the heart. The wedding ring symbolizes not just a pledge of eternal love, but the enclosure of the heart and a pledge of fidelity.

If you see a circle or a ring as a symbol – explore what is the cycle that you are going through? Also, are you ready to make a commitment to yourself, your personal growth, someone or something?

A triangle can represent the connection of mind, body, spirit. On the other hand it can represent a limited point of view and angular thinking.

The upward moving triangle is sometimes called the blade. It is a symbol of aspiration or rising up, male force, and fire. It can also be seen as male sexuality.

The downward pointing triangle is one of the most ancient symbols of female divinity. It is the symbol of the womb, warmth, Divine Grace and water which flows downwards.

If a symbol of a triangle appears in your life, explore if it is pointing up or down and whether it is showing you Divinity and Stability; the connection to the masculine or the feminine forces within you and the relationships you need to explore. Or if, in fact it is asking you to expand your point of view and open your mind to new possibilities.

flower of life

Inna SegalIf you would like to discover more – go to for live and online courses. 

Inna Segal is the award winning best-selling author of The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness and The Secret of Life Wellness: She is an internationally recognized healer, professional speaker and author. 


Paying Attention and Developing Awareness to Create a Peaceful World

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By Paulina Howfield

As the fear and violence in our collective consciousness comes to the surface, it is time to start paying attention and developing awareness to create a peaceful world.
We are all connected and nothing exists in isolation, and we need to be clear what we are contributing to and helping to manifest in our own lives, in our communities, in the cosmos and on the planet.

I have had numerous discussions with groups and individuals as they try to make sense of the growing fear and violence across governments and countries. Many people are frustrated and frightened and wonder what the world is coming to. Many believe it is part of a long term plan to create a new world order and therefore don’t want to feed it, but feel powerless to what is occurring and uncertain how to step out of any unconscious individual and collective programming that is contributing to it.

Many people say they want peace yet they have angry and violent thoughts, and this is why paying attention and developing awareness is important.

Our left brains separate, compartmentalise, compare and contrast everything in order to make sense of what is happening in our world. This left brain thinking that our scientific and industrial world loves, feeds fear, anger and powerlessness because it sees differences. It sees what doesn’t fit; and all the things that don’t belong. The left brain will not surrender. It must examine, clarify and define everything and then isolate, punish or control that which doesn’t belong.

Our right brain however, the thinking hemisphere that links into the divine feminine, holistic awareness and spiritual understanding, experiences everything as connected. It uses intuition, non-verbal cues, feelings and sensations to recognise and make sense of the world. It knows that nothing exists in isolation, that everything belongs, and there is no-thing and no-one to fear.

If peace, personal development and spiritual evolution is what we really want and truly believe in, every one of us needs to commit to it and begin paying attention and developing awareness.

We need to embrace the universal consciousness that is the foundation of all matter, and directly experience the love that is part of the blueprint for all living things. Violence breeds violence, fear feeds fear, and love creates love.

Violent thoughts, an eye-for-an-eye mentality and knee jerk reactions feed fear and anger. Attending to the monkey mind, developing mindfulness and releasing power and anger patterns brings about deep seated change. They help us settle our fears, and embrace the unfamiliar and unknown. Developing our intuition and gut reactions helps us step out of any mass consciousness programming and unconscious thought patterns. It also strengthens our capacity for truly knowing what we need to do and when. And helps us trust those gut reactions that tell us something is a lie.

Peaceful image of beach

We also need to pay attention in every minute to our thoughts, our beliefs, our desires, and our wants.
The thoughts, beliefs, desires and wants that we experience are not permanent and they are not who we truly are. The more we pay attention to their existence, rather than unconsciously feed them, the clearer we become and the more peacefully we live. As you pay attention, add some creativity, personal responsibility and an attitude of gratitude, your personal vibration and frequency will lift.

The things that currently worry you will no longer be of concern and your heart will be at ease in the world. A sense of joy will bubble up inside you, and regardless of what happens in the outer world, your inner world will stay constant and connected. You will be living consciously in universal consciousness, feeding the matrix with peace and love.

Paulina Howfield image

Paulina is a first wave star seed, an international speaker, author and esoteric mapmaker who interacts with the Soul Consciousness of Earth at sacred sites and major energy centres in order to facilitate our collective spiritual awakening and expansion into multi-dimensional consciousness.

You can find Pauline on facebook and her website Matrix Harmonics.
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