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International Psychic Medium Katy-K is based in Hervey Bay, Queensland. She travels the world teaching psychic development and reading for her clients. Born into a family of psychics and mediums on both sides of the family tree, Katy-K is also a natural born healer.
She is the creator of the popular card deck ‘The Modern Oracle’ and founder of the Kathy-K Spiritual Advancement Academy. She travels to England annually for training at the Arthur Findlay College. Through her academy Katy-K has trained a number of successful psychics.
She is the winner of the 2015 People’s Choice Award for ‘Psychic of the Year’ at the International Psychics Association Annual Awards.
She is an honoree member of the Australian Academy of Spirit and voted ‘Medium of the Month’ for March 2016

Amanda De Warren

Amanda De Warren is a gifted Medium, Psychic, Healer and Animal Communicator and has a special gift of being able to connect with animals – either passed-over or alive. She’s the ‘Animal Whisperer’ in Australia’s Woman’s Day magazine. Amanda has appeared on TV shows such as The Project, Mornings With Kerri-Anne Kennerly, Today Tonight and A Current Affair. She’s featured in numerous magazines and newspaper articles including a two-page spread in Queensland’s Sunday Mail. She also loves to go on radio and has twice shared the airwaves with people like Jacki O and Kyle, as well as Rove McManus.

Kris Anderson and Sarah Anderson (nee Yip)

Kris and Sarah Anderson (nee Yip) are professional psychics, who met on TV and have two telepathic kids. As 11:11 Soulmates, they’ll give you a 360 degree view of your life’s journey and biggest opportunities. Kris is an intuitive Tarot reader, whose martial arts and acting background give him a uniquely Zen perspective. Sarah is a scientist and Holistic counsellor, who can pinpoint your lifepath and greatest gifts using numerology, palmistry and clairvoyance. This two-in-one reading is an unmissable experience and incredible value (discounted for the weekend). You’ll leave knowing that you’re 100% protected and guided by Source. Please note that readings include ~5 min setup time.

Ros Bond

Ros is a natural born Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant who has worked professionally as a Reader for over 15 years. Her readings are empowering and healing as she tunes in directly to spirit, to your energy field and aura to assist you with all aspects of life. Ros relays information related to past,present and future. Readings can be general or focused on specific areas e.g. work & career, home &family, relationships & love. Ros brings an understanding on how you are in control of your own lifepath and destiny by guiding you according to spiritual principles and laws.During Readings, loved ones that have passed over may step forward offering messages of healing, love and support, often to help resolve unfinished business as part of the grieving process.Ros’ insight and sensitivity assists personal healing with the assistance of her Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides in this area. Her messages are accurate, compassionate, direct and clear.

Barb Meynell

As a psychic medium, Barb is able to assist you by providing spiritual guidance to questions that you may have by connecting with her guides and angels. Customers state that Barb’s gift has assisted them to connect with loved ones who have passed over. Others have stated that Barb has provided messages which have benefited families to overcome obstacles and hurdles in difficult times and circumstances. Barb has been involved in Spiritualist Churches for the majority of her life and has been providing messages in a Church environment since my late teens. In 2014, Barb travelled to England and was fortunate to have the opportunity to study at the world renowned Arthur Findlay College.

Janis Gibson

Janis is an Internationally known Clairvoyant/Medium who has worked in the US, UK, New Zealand and extensively through out Australia as a Workshop Facilitator, On stage Medium, Past Life Regression Facilitator and Soul Level reader and Healer.
The ability to bring messages through from the “Other Side ”creates a sense of comfort and peace to those who require this help. Janis is able to connect with departed Loved Ones to be the voice that they need.
Past Life Regressions are a powerful way of discovering what may be affecting in this life, that we have brought through from previous lifetimes.
The healing is brought about by realizing that we never really lose anyone and that we will reconnect with those who have passed over when the time is right. A very gentle way that helps us come to terms with loss.
In depth Soul Level readings are available where Janis will tap into past, present and future bringing through the guidance that one seeks and the empowerment and courage to embrace the journey with new energy

Francie Griffin

Francie Griffin is an intuitive artist and reiki teacher/practitioner. Her desire for her art to be a healing force led her to specializing in bringing through the energy of spirit guides for people, helping them find guidance to connect with their guides. Her drawings are lovingly chanelled and are offered in various sizes according to your needs or budget. Drawings can also be done remotely; Francie uses a photo of the client to connect on a vibrational level and posts the drawings in a postal tube on completion. Animal spirit guides can also be drawn in this way.

Sunder Devi

Accredited Medicine Woman
Sunder has worked for 45 years as a spiritual motivator.  She has had her own Television show for 2 months and worked for NY Police Department in USA as a Clairvoyant.
Sunder has lived with 4 indigenous tribes being taught the medicine ways.  Sunder is an Accredited Medicine and Shamanic Healer, this is her passion.
Clairvoyant, Tarot, Palmistry, Numerology, Mediumship, Past Lives, Dreams Angel/Native Guides, Goddess Readings, Native Readings.

Paul Boulton

Paul is a Psychic who has been working for over 30 years.  He does Palmistry and Tarot, Healing and Self Empowerment work, to help you gain clarity for your important issues.
He reads present time and what is coming up for you in the next 3, 6 to 12 months.  He also offers a very effective therapy process called a “Positive Change Session” which has helped thousands of people to feel happier within themselves and live a more confident, empowered life.
For 10 years he has been based in Montville at his shop called “Opti-Mystic Views.”  Paul has written 2 Self Help Healing Books and runs a Meet Up group “Better Relating, Better Loving” which meets weekly on the Sunshine Coast.

Sharon Cairns

Sharon has been a gifted clairvoyant and shaman for over 20 years. Allow her intuitive and clairvoyant skills assist you on your unique life journey.
Living a full and rich life, it means there are blocks that prevent your full energy flowing through your body/mind. Embrace your inner wisdom and step into the understanding of any blocks that prevent you living a glorious life. In a session with Sharon, she reveals the obstacles and brings through spiritual guidance that empowers you to release, cleanse and step beyond these barriers. Sharon can reach beyond this world and can clairvoyantly connect with souls that have left this journey. She will channel  a journey into the heart of any issue or patterns;
If you are not wisdom from the other side that guides you into full spiritual healing.

Kate Denning

Kate is an international psychic reader. She has had her own program on A1R Psychic Radio and Moonstruck TV.Been guest speaker at many of Brisbane’s Spiritual events.Kate is a gifted Clairvoyant possessing a strong spiritual connection to the spirit-realm specialising in, Tea Leaf, Crystal Ball gazing, Tarot and Palmistry readings. Well-known in the community for spiritual guidance, Kates gifts provide clear and accurate information in many of life’s areas such as love, relationships, career and family.

Tia Paehua

Tia Paehua has over 40 years experience working with Estheric Planes, Spiritual Realms, Guides and Ascended Masters. she has established a strong connection with her guides, angels and alantian energy.
She is a certified Doreen Virtue Angel Intuitive, taught by Doreen herself. she was personally selected, trained and certified by internationally renowned psychic medium, teacher, speaker and author Lisa Williams.
Utilising her psychic vision and all 3 “clairs”, Tia is able to channel and convey messages of hope, inspiration and guidance from loved ones and spirit guides.


Heather is a Psychic, clairvoyant, medium & remote viewer.
Heather worked as a psychic, clairvoyant, medium, and remote viewer for 30 years, she says she has always known things before they happen from an early age.
Her passion is trying to help people through difficult times in their lives, no matter the cause and show them that there is light and happiness to look forward to.
“I was very happy when Heather told me where to find my rings as they had been lost during a house renovation” -Robyn, Vic

Michelle R Price

Michelle is passionate about all things spiritual and has been seeing and communicating with spirit since she can remember. She specialises in Angel Card/Intuitive Readings but can also do Mediumship and Past Life Connections. Michelle has a knack for getting to the root of a problem/concern her clients might have and is experienced in bringing through confirmation from the spirit world when a connection is made.What Michelle loves most about doing Readings is seeing the emotion in people’s faces and watching their reactions when she touches on something very personal to them. Being a Pranic Energy Healer, Michelle often picks up on health concerns or improvements that someone might be making or Spirit is urging them to make. Her intention is to help the people she reads for, figure out how to live their best life possible.


Liz is an international Clairvoyant and tarot card reader. She uses her clairvoyance with Psychometry or the tarot to answer questions on love & relationships, money, career and the future.


Rebecca-Lee combines her knowledge and gifts as a Clairvoyant / Medium, Intuitive Coach, Energy Healer and Family Constellation Practitioner to assist you in overcoming your personal and family karma. In this Soul Reading, she will intuitively mix these gifts to give you the exact message and knowledge you need to hear and learn about your Love Block – show you unlock them so that you expand your capacity to give and receive love. She will inform you of the patterns you need to work through to attract better relationships or advance your current relationship. She also can help assist identifying karmic family patterns and give guidance in how you can begin Healing with your Ancestors.

Kelly Scanlan

Kelly Scanlan is a Psychic, Medium and Healer with an extensive background in the medical profession as a Registered Nurse. Kelly provides accurate and evidential messages from Spirit, for self-empowerment, guidance, healing, clarity and progress in all areas of your life.
Kelly is Founder of Quantum Quay, a community embracing a global vision of collaboration amongst all individuals

Shaz Emmerson

Shaz realised when both her Mum and brother passed in 1985, that there was more to just existing in this human body. There was something beyond. This led her on a journey of learning and doing a lot of soul searching throughout the years. She still regularly studies to share this Divine Knowledge & Love, united as one to lift the vibration for all.
Her Spiritual Guidance & Healing is amazing and makes you feel so positive, refreshed and ready to take on any challenge thrown at you. Her Readings include Mediumship, Psychic – Clairaudient/Clairsentient, Psychometry, Soul to Soul/Life Direction, Angel Intuitive ©, Spirit Guides/Animal Totems.
Her Energetic Healing work includes Reiki, Crystals, Colour, Sound, Tribal, Flower Therapy, Animal Communication/Pet Healing & Home Clearing.

Samantha Gillard

Samantha Gillard is an International Psychic Medium/Healer who is respected across the world for her heartfelt, genuine and accurate readings which offer insight, clarity and guidance.Samantha has worked with and alongside some of the best psychic mediums in the world including celebrity mediums Tony Stockwell and Lisa Williams. She teaches and mentors students around the world and has studied many times at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in the UK.
Samantha works at a soul level to bring healing, awareness and transformation.

Sharon Costello

Sharon is a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium. Helping people to find how to bring greater meaning and purpose into their Spiritual and physical lives.
Sharon communicates with loved ones in the spirit world through mediumship and has a natural and unique relationship with spirit.
She is a channel for spirit contact and confirmation of life after death. Sharon’s readings are very accurate and is highly professional with many years of experience.Sharon works with a great deal of empathy and love

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