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Thank you for your interest in the forthcoming 2017 Conscious Life Festival

Please complete this application. If your application is successful a 30% deposit payment will be due immediately along with a copy of your insurance certificate and signed terms and conditions to secure your stand.

Final payment date due by Fri 22nd Sept 2017.
Please see full terms and conditions

Deposit due to secure all bookings along with complete application form and insurance details.

Exhibitor Stall payment does not guarantee approval – Conscious Life events reserves the right to decline stall requests if we consider your product or business does not align to the Conscious Life events brand.

All stalls include a trestle table 1.8 x 0.7m and 2x chairs
Display boards are included in some of the exhibitor stands- 2.4m w x 1.2m h

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[mk_button_gradient dimension=”flat” size=”large” grandient_color_from=”#8cb497″ grandient_color_to=”#5faf8b” url=”http://consciouslifeevents.com/clf-terms-conditions/” target=”_blank” align=”center” fullwidth=”true”]I HAVE READ & AGREED TO THE TERMS &
CONDITIONS ATTACHED HERE[/mk_button_gradient]
  • This must be how you would like your name listed
  • Please note these are the description words that will be exactly used to describe your business on the Exhibitors List & other promo material- so please make sure this is correct and max 5 words Example - Theta healing , Organic Skin Products, Eco friendly products etc
  • It is important that you provide as much detail as possible including brand names due to the Festival having restrictions on stalls promoting the same product or modality You must only have these items on your stand and nothing else
  • E.g. Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc PLEASE INCLUDE ACTUAL LINKS SO WE CAN FIND YOU!
  • 100 words max please
  • Only 1x helper per stand allowed
  • All stalls include a trestle table 1.8 x 0.7m and 2x chairs along with a backing board 2.4m x 1.2m high (if the stall comes with one) or a marquee tent if tent space booked. Prices shows are for the weekend. * Direct Debit / Payment plans now available - please enquire * Bookings only for 2x days .
  • Please tick what you require- Please note 1 x trestle table and 2 x chairs are included within the price if required? Please note If nothing is selected we presume you are bringing your own and therefore no equipment will be ordered for your stand.
  • Please upload a copy of your recent insurance certificate to support your application. We MUST Receive a copy of your insurance to proceed with the application. If you cannot upload please forward separately ASAP -laura@consciouslifeevents.com.au
    Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.

  • Approval Policy
    Applications are subject to approval
    Conscious Life events reserves the right to decline stall requests if we consider your product or business does not align to the Conscious Life events brand and ethos. Exhibitor Stall payment does not guarantee approval. If this is the case all exhibitor stall all payments will be refunded in full should your application be unsuccessful.
  • Exhibitor stall cancellation will incur a 10% administration fee at anytime before the following cut off date of Fri 28th Sept 2018: 50% of the total stall fee will be refunded if cancelled after Fri 14th Sept 2018. 25% of the stall fee will be refunded if cancelled after Fri 5th Oct 2018 to cover administrative costs.
  • All Stall holders must have their own exhibitor insurance policy (minimum $10 million) and a copy must be emailed to Conscious Life Events to support your application
Payment Information

To Secure your booking a 30% deposit is due on receipt of invoice and acceptance of your application
Final payment in full is Due by 22nd Sept 2017

Direct Deposit: Please use reference as shown on invoice
BSB: 064212
Acc No: 10036760
Conscious Life Events

PO BOX 134, Peregian Beach 4573 QLD

Phone: 0400 673563

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