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Conscious Life Holistic Wellness Festival 2021

– Terms and Conditions –


Under the terms of this agreement the ‘Organiser’ responsible for the event is Conscious Life Events. ‘Exhibitor’ is the person(s) and/or company assigned space per the booking form.


1. Applications -To secure your space you must complete the online application form, sign the contract and send back along with a copy of your insurance certificate. The 30% deposit will be due on receipt of your invoice. A stand will not be reserved/booked until we receive the necessary documentation and deposit.

2. All Outstanding payments are due by Friday 2nd April 2021 if we do not receive payment by this date your reserved stand will become available and another stand will not be booked for you until we receive your outstanding payment.

3. Conscious Life Events reserves the right to decline stall requests if we consider your product or business does not align to the Conscious Life Events brand and ethos. Exhibitor Stall payment does not guarantee approval. If this is the case all exhibitor stall payments will be refunded in full should your application be unsuccessful.

4. Cancellations – A 10% admin charge is charged for all cancellations.
Any exhibitor stall cancellations after Fri 2nd April 2021 will incur a 50% fee to cover admin costs.
Exhibitor stall cancellation after Fri 23rd April 2021 will incur a 75% fee to cover admin costs.

5. Stand Holders – ***  New Restrictions Only 1 person per stand at any one time at the stand unless you have booked a 2.4×2.4m stand or larger. Helpers can relieve stand holders at any time during the weekend *** 
Exhibitors will be assigned a designated space and it is understood that this is the sole and only space that the Exhibitor will occupy. Such space shall not be re-allocated or used by any other persons or products other than those of the Exhibitor without specific, written permission

6. Specific spaces may be requested. This is on a first come first served basis. The Organiser reserves the right to allocate space and to also alter such allocations should this be necessary at its discretion. NO STAND SHARING ALLOWED

7. Each exhibitor will receive: 1x trestle table and backing board (where applicable), two chairs and power if paid extra for in the space allocated. A Tent with walls will be provided f booking an outdoor marquee space. Power & corner spaces are available at additional costs as well as extra chairs, tables and display boards are available to hire at an additional cost.

8. The Exhibitor shall be responsible for his/her own public liability insurance (a copy of which MUST accompany the application form) and shall indemnify the Organiser against any claims for damage made by any person or persons whilst said person is within the Exhibitor’s allocated area. The Exhibitor agrees to indemnify the Organiser for any loss suffered in the event of any such claim being made against the Organiser.

9. Exhibitor agrees to be solely responsible for any damages caused to the walls, floors or any fittings to the venue and it shall be at the sole discretion of the Organiser and the venue owners to determine if such damage has occurred. Banners, posters and pictures can only be hung on the backing board of the stall allocated. No gaffer tape will be allowed on walls or on the floor. Blue tac/tacs are permitted on backing boards or sides of marquees (where applicable).

10. The Organiser shall not be held responsible for any damage that may occur to the exhibits or any accessories, whether by loss, theft, damage, fire, water, storm, riot or any other cause whatsoever. Exhibitors should ensure that adequate measures are taken to protect individual stands, property and stock.

11. Should the holding of the show or the supply of any services by the Organiser be prevented, postponed or abandoned by reason of any cause that is not within the direct control of the Organiser, the Organiser is in its right to retain full payments from all exhibitors.

12. Any exhibitor requiring electricity must tick the boxes on the application form. All electrical equipment must be tagged and tested before use. These will be checked by an electrician prior to the opening of the event.

13. Under Workplace Health & Safety regulations closed in shoes must be worn while setting up and/or pulling down of stands. No children are to be within the vicinity while these activities are being undertaken. No exhibitor will start to remove or pull down his/her stand before the Festival has been closed and the last member of the public has left.

14. Bump in will be from 2-4pm ONLY on Friday 15th May 2021. Bump out will be from 4.30pm Only on Sunday 16th MAy 2021 until 6pm at the latest.

15. Stand Dressing – Please have a suitable table covering that reaches just above floor level and not touching light fittings. Artificial plants and flowers are combustible and can give off toxic fumes. These must not be used for stand dressing. Conscious Life Events reserves the right to examine and exclude any exhibit or install display material or exhibits, which contravene security, fire or safety regulations.

16. Fresh flowers or silk flame retarded are acceptable. No bolts, nails, tacks, screws, wires or the like shall be driven into or attached to any part of the premises, nor shall any placards or other articles be affixed thereto. No animals are allowed on the premises. No naked flames, candles or smoke are permitted.

17. Sub-Letting and Stand Sharing – This is not permitted unless a specific agreement has been arranged with Conscious Life Events. All exhibitors must fill in a booking form and submit a current public liability certificate.

18. Exhibitors are required to return tables and chairs to allocated positions and clean away all rubbish from their hired area.

19. Staff access – only 2 representatives are allowed on each stand for all tables, booths and tents.

20. Parking- Exhibitors must park in designated car parking areas near the venue. Please see instructions which will be emails out closer to the event

All terms and conditions of this agreement must be adhered to.
Should the Organiser make any amendments to these conditions, Exhibitors will be notified in writing. [Note: ‘Writing’ includes an email where the Exhibitor has given an email address as a contact.]

Conscious Life Events ABN: 61619791860