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Lou Van Stone

Lou combines ethereal vocals and lush harmonies with soothing ambient instrumentation. The beautiful, bell-like quality of her voice has had her winning over audiences world-wide. She taps into a divine source, bringing forth captivating songs to heal, inspire, uplift and awaken. From blissful meditative soundscapes through to euphoric dancefloor anthem

Aaron Atman

Aaron Atman is a channel for sacred sound, consciousness presenter and music teacher on the Sunshine Coast, Qld. Throughout his own journey of awakening, Aaron has played a variety of musical instruments, and has found this instrumental play a great support in connecting with a deeper presence and creative flow within.
He now supports others to open into Creative Expression, Presence and Well-Being, providing a safe and supported space to learn and play instruments such as Didgeridoo, Native American Flutes, Irish Whistle, Bansuri Flutes, Voice, medicine drums, etc

Earth Song Vibration

Robert is an a community worker, multi instrumentalist and composer. He is a Qualified Reiki practitioner and Sound Therapist who is currently studying Hypnotherapy.
Robert also facilitates Drum Circles and Meditation groups both locally and in Workshops and Retreats.
Anji is a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Holistic Counsellor, Reiki Master, Musician & Sound Therapist.
Combined they are Vibrational Sound Artists bringing together a journey of Sound and Healing through instruments including Quartz Singing Bowls, Vocals, Native Flutes, Chimes, Shakers, Medicine Drums and Celtic Bodhran.

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Raghida Shaman

Raghida is a Soul Healer , Shaman and 5D Ascension Activator. She has been a well known healer in the industry for over 15 years.
Her passion is to facilitate change and bring every soul she touches back to Harmony, Peace & Equilibrium within. Her divine soul mission is to work with people all over the world to bring forth their highest potentiality in whatever the inner urgings of their heart calls forth . Her ability is to access the chambers of the soul within and see what their gifts , life mission , passion , soul yearning and commitment to wholeness of the overall wellbeing of the Soul into Self Mastery


She` is a metaphysician, teacher, healer, author, promoter, activist as well as a former ‘Queensland Businesswoman of the Year’ and ‘Australian of the Year’ nominee. She is a public notary and marriage celebrant, a member of the Australian Alternative And Natural Therapists Association (AAANTA), a life member of the Australian Psychics Association and runs Shambhallah Awareness Centre. Dr. She` D’Montford has a high public profile. She` has an impressive corporate client list, is often on radio and in the newspapers. She has featured on several successful TV shows in Australia, played herself in a major Dutch film production and has even been portrayed in a comic book. She has written for numerous alternative magazines and is a featured contributor to several successful alternative publications. She` tours constantly, nationally and internationally, teaching and lecturing and is featured at many alternative festivals and expos.
Dr. She` D’Montford featured on the psychic reality TV show “The One” and more recently on “Made in Hong Kong TV.”Shé also has an esoteric book publishing company, The Happy Medium Publishing Company, and publishes two magazines.

Simone Matthews

Simone Matthews, best selling author, international speaker, teacher and founder of the UniversalLifeTools Wisdom School believes that at the heart of every woman is an electric brilliance that is yearning to be unleashed when this raw primal beauty is set free, a new era of womanhood emerges – an uprising of Radiance.
Simone’s passion is help woman reclaim their Wild Woman Radiance to rekindle the love of the feminine body, bring back sensual in relationships and ultimately ignite a force of creative power that beams a fierce yet graceful love.
She has been featured as a leading expert in Ancient Wisdom & re-Wilding the Feminine and is a much sought-after international speaker, keynote presenter & retreat facilitator. She has been a guest speaker on TV & radio and is a regular contributor to publications both in Australia and internationally.

Jason Matthews

Jason Reynolds is someone who continues to ask questions.
From a young age Jason refused to accept the dismissive and at times ignorant answers fed to him “that is just the way it is” OR “it has always been that way” OR “there’s no point, it will never change.” These questions sparked an adventure which remains in full swing today.
Leaving conventional schooling early, Jason sought truth and worked with spiritual teachers and others who were then pioneers of their field. Whilst many of these people were “cosmically-conscious” they collectively shared a focus of action, self-expression and sharing a deep truth free from the distance of hope and wishing.
Jason is driven to spark the divine authority within all. Enthusiastically awakening that calling broadcasting deep within. Embracing uniquely your weird and your grace in the inspired and ongoing moments of completion.
“The truth is always available, if we are prepared to ask the question. Hope is what we are left with when we’re not brave enough to listen.”

Jean Sheehan

Jean Sheehan is the Director of Millennium Education. Her career transformed from Nursing, Pathology and Autopsies to teaching Millennium Modality® Medical Intuition. As a leader in her field Jean teaches globally and is featured in many magazines, TV, and Queensland University. She is recognised with many business awards and continually featured in magazines and as an international speaker.

Amanda De Warren

Is a gifted Medium, Psychic, Healer and Animal Communicator and has a special gift of being able to connect with animals – either passed-over or alive. She’s the ‘Animal Whisperer’ in Australia’s Woman’s Day magazine. Amanda has appeared on TV shows such as The Project, Mornings With Kerri-Anne Kennerly, Today Tonight and A Current Affair. She’s featured in numerous magazines and newspaper articles including a two-page spread in Queensland’s Sunday Mail. She also loves to go on radio and has twice shared the airwaves with people like Jacki O and Kyle, as well as Rove McManus

Julie McKenzie

Is an Author & International Award Winning Psychic Medium who is respected and loved all over the world. Julie is the WINNER of the International Psychic Challenge 2014 (filmed Internationally) and she has appeared on Australia’s Channel 7 ‘The One’. She has alone done numerous print media, glossy magazines, radio and television interviews. Julie is the author of the NEW Universal Prophecy Cards and has written the books The Universal Book of Life – Encyclopedia of Spirituality & Beyond, Dancing with Spirit, and the popular children’s story Gemma & the Fairies.

Gerard Bini

Gerard Bini is an internationally renowned Intuitive Building Biologist with over 15 years of experience and research into EMF beyond the normal.
He invented the Geoclense ® Home & Work Harmonizer and a wide range of EMF harmonizing products. His products are sold in over 20 countries around the world.
It is his deep knowledge base as an Intuitive Building Biologist and EMF Consultant along with his advanced intuitive energy reading and dowsing skills, that contributes to his uniqueness and the outstanding performance of his products.


Rameka is known as the Spiritual Navigator. Meaning, he helps others find their way through the realms of energy and spirit. He is a psychic medium, healer, awakener, seer and guide here to help people awaken to the essence and calling of whom they truly are. Based on the Gold Coast, Rameka has been walking this path since birth and has traveled and trained within many cultures and elders from around the World. His belief is one of being the change we wish to see, however guiding people to remember that we ARE the change, for we are the ones we have been waiting for.

Katy K

‘Katy-K’ is an Australian born Psychic Medium and Spiritual development teacher who travels and works Internationally. Katy is the creator of the very popular ‘The Modern Oracle’ deck that was published in 2015. She also holds the privilege of being awarded the International Psychics Directory ‘2015 Psychic People’s Choice Award

Michelle Mann

Michelle Mann is an author, creator of Gold Lotus oracle deck, numerologist, spiritual reader, and Reiki Master.
In South East Queensland, Australia, she teaches art therapy and spiritual guidance to empower others to express themselves emotionally as part of the healing process.

Sherridan Boyle

Sherridan is a passionate Visionary Shamanic Medicine Woman.
A convergence of Sound Healing & Ancient Wisdom brings forth the Activation for those ready to embark into deeper soul wisdom exploring plant wisdom, grid activations, songline awakening & internal journeying.
Sherridan Activates Light Codes through Sound and assists those ready to clear density and transform. As a Shamanic Medicine Woman, she calls your Ancient Spirit Wisdom to come forth. Anchoring in a deeply grounded presence calling you to Awaken & Reclaim your power.

Sunder Devi

Sunder is a spiritual motivator with over 50 years experience, currently spending her life between Australia, India, America the Netherlands and Turkey teaching, presenting workshops and life coaching. Sunder has lived in many countries, immersing herself in the culture where ever she went and believes her workshops and teachings are all shared from this life experience.

Liz Gallagher

Liz Gallagher is a Start-up Biz Coach for Courageous Light Shiners, Intuitive Web Designer, Certified Mind Detox & Intuitive EFT Practitioner. For those who go by vibe, Liz is an Epic Story Changer.Liz is on a mission to shake up others to the truth that we can all radically change our experiences on this Earth AND play a huge part in raising the collective consciousness by changing the borrowed stories (especially around money and health) that are keeping us stuck.
Liz now works with women all over the world to shake them up out of ‘just existing’, identify the stories that they have ‘borrowed’ and inspire them to create their own EPIC and abundant life as they unleash their own fire onto the world as entrepreneurs.

Kim Eibrink Jansen

Kim is an International Spiritual Teacher, Advisor, Medical Intuitive, Psychic & Healer with a direct link to the Subconscious, Superconsciousness, The Universe and Beyond. Connecting to the Bigger Picture of Life and the Universe allows limitless capacity to shift and change our current reality here on Earth in relation to love, health, wealth, success, relationships and Life.
Kim’s clients call her “The Body Whisperer”, their “Secret Weapon” “Soul Mechanic” & “Universal Queen”…. Enabling a total remembering who you really are as a Soul in a Body having a Human Experience..

Amanda Mackay

Intuitive Energy Healer and Sound Therapist, Amanda Mackay assists clients recalibrate unharmonious vibrations of emotional blocks, behaviour patterns, learnt or energetically inherited from family to their soul tone in her healing space in Brisbane or by distance overseas.
Through writing articles for magazines and her blog Amanda provides insight into relationship dynamics, communication and how energetic barnacles are great teachers, transforming aspects needing to be healed into self-knowledge, acceptance and faith in ones-self.

Faye Wenke

Faye began her personal healing journey in 1976 after facing many challenging life experiences and discovered Reiki in the 1980’s. Her Reiki practice brought a calmer state of mind and renewed health and vitality. Faye trained to become a Reiki master in 1990 and has been teaching Reiki full time since then, extensively within Australia and overseas. Faye brings many years of personal development experience and Reiki practice into her nurturing and supportive workshops.

Heinz Gugger

Heinz Gugger is a dowser, teacher, energy worker and farm agronomy consultant. As dowsing and radionics practitioner he uses a variety of modalities to work with subtle energies to balance and clear homes, farms, businesses and personal spaces

Tiarnie Vidler

Tiarnie has been passionately creating and co-creating with the Universe an abundant, fulfilling and authentic life for nearly 20 years. She is an awakener, a facilitator and gentle guide allowing you to tap back into your fullest and truest potential, so that you too can create an amazing life for yourself. She is your biggest cheerleader and using a variety of tools from her extensive toolkit wants to assist you and see you achieve your dreams, remember how flipping amazing you are and assist you in living a deeply happy life

Scott Alexander King

Scott Alexander King. Barn Owlxander King is an author, teacher, public speaker, psychic medium, practitioner of Earth Medicine and Zoomancer: an individual that examines the habits and appearance of animals to help explain or reveal the future path of other people. And as far as he knows, he’s the only Zoomancer in Australia! Having spent almost two years training daily under a medicine elder, and with 13 publications currently on the international market, all centred on animal symbolism, totemism and spirit animals, Scott calls his path ANIMAL DREAMING – a shamanic path that directly draws upon the wisdom, symbolism and medicine ways of animals.

Paul Williamson

Paul Williamson is an Australian Citizen resident in the UK. He is a trained Hypnotherapist, Past Life Therapist, Life Between Lives Therapist, Spiritual Healer and published Author. He hs been practising Past Lfe Therapy professionally for over 30 years. In the 1980s he spent four and a half years living within the FIndhorn Foundation in NewBold House. Now he travels between the UK and Australia. He visits many Mind Body Spirit festivals offering introductory regression sessions, but also does longer in-depth sessions. He is author of 8 published books including ‘Earth Warrior’ (Animal Dreaming)

Janis Gibson 

Janis is an internationally known clairvoyant/medium who has worked in the US, UK , NZ and extensively throughout Australia as a workshop facilitator, on stage medium reader and past life regression facilitator

Brett Treacy

Brett has completed various courses and certificates in; Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing as well as a crystal collection which led to conducting all courses available through Pranic Healing Schools. The courses included Basic, Advanced, Crystal and Psychotherapy Healing as well as other courses in Fung Shui, Advanced Yoga Meditation techniques and many others. The pranic studies were followed by study in Theta Healing as well as a Cert IV Kinesiology. Other training was conducted in Mediumship, Diamond Light Priest training, Psychic advancement as well as others determining Geopathic Stress, Lay lines, Death Imprints, Paranormal Events, Entity and other disturbances which affect our environment and personal well being. The cross section of learning has enabled Brett to have at his fingertips powerful tools to use in harmonising the energy of an individual and his/her environment

Kate Denning

Kate is a gifted Clairvoyant possessing a strong spiritual connection to the spirit-realm specialising in, Tea Leaf, Crystal Ball seering , Tarot and Palmistry readings. Well-known in the community for spiritual guidance, Kate’s gifts provide clear and accurate information in many of life’s areas such as love, relationships, career and family

Lynda Gaiao

Lynda Gaiao works as an AWAKENER, guiding her clients towards Living with Heart. She works energetically, psychically, and on soul level, shifting energy, raising our vibration and bringing through healing. As a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years, Lynda combines her business knowledge, psychic healing skills, and years of experience as a coach and facilitator to guide he

Lauren Kurth

Lauren Kurth is a Cosmic visionary, a Quantum Movement Mentor and support specialist, An experienced Sound healer,
A UFO/ET Quantum contact Global Leader and fieldwork group leader, A Quantum
Intelligence healer, A Public speaker, writer and a published columnist. She also an experienced Quantum healing hypnotherapist and Thought field therapy facilitator

Sam Gillard 

Internationally respected Psychic Medium, Healer, Spiritual Teacher & Mentor Samantha Gillard is regarded as a leading authority in areas of Intuition, Energy Psychology and Spirituality.
Samantha has spent the last 8 years working across in Australia, UK and USA teaching, inspiring and providing intuitive insight to people. Samantha is renowned for her transformative work and has had the privilege of being mentored by some of the worlds best in the fields of Psychic Mediumship, including Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell. Internationally respected and recognised for her work, Samantha has been teaching alongside internationally acclaimed UK celebrity medium Mr Tony Stockwell.

Suzie Sparkles 

Susie Sparkle has a strong connection to crystals as she has travelled all over the world to share her wisdom and insights into crystals. Susie is a travelling Psychic Medium and Crystal Sales Specialist. It is her passion and enthusiasm to share the understanding and knowledge of the natural wonders of crystals

Deboraa Neaves

Deboraa has been practising the modality of Feng Shui for over 20 years. She has consulted on houses and business in both Europe and Australia. RAA studied with Lillian Too and Christine Brazel and practices here on the Sunshine Coast. In addition to home and business consultations, RAA also runs interactive workshops where you too can learn how to Feng Shui.

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