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Inna Segal



Discover Your Intuitive Self

Don’t miss this opportunity to join Inna Segal, bestselling author of The Secret Language of Your Body and explore how you can safely awaken your intuitive abilities and follow your own inner guidance.

• Discover how you can work with you inner and outer intuitive guidance
• Discover powerful healing exercises which open your heart chakra, strengthen your intuition and allow you to safely access Higher Spiritual worlds.
• Work with colours, symbols, words and feelings to discover what your body is really trying to share with you.
• Time permitting Inna will tune into some of the participants and help them decipher what their body is telling them through colours, symbols etc.
• Do a one card reading on yourself using Inna’s Heal Yourself Reading cards.
• Discover the most important process to Awaken your Higher Self and how it can totally transform your relationships with others.
• Learn how the Archangels help you with your wellbeing and the colours they use.
• And more…