GOLD COAST-Friday, 16th – Sunday 18th September 2022
CAIRNS-Friday, 28th – Sunday 30th October 2022
GOLD COAST-Friday, 25th – Sunday 27th November 2022

How to apply Consciousness & Quantum science to thrive in uncertain times.

Are you ready to experience REAL breakthroughs and take YOUR LIFE to the next level?

Leaving your old self behind and stepping into the new Quantum You is an incredible undertaking, and we believe it should be celebrated!

Over 3 days we will explore the deepest combination of the Quantum Experience – the 3 step model that Dr. Espen teaches:

  • Quantum Physics – Understanding the way the universe actually works.
  • Personal Development – Gaining real clarity and insight on what is holding you back and keeping you stuck.
  • Meditation – Once you understand how the universe actually works and how you now have the power to get yourself out of your own way and ascend your awareness into the field using the power of Meditation, you are finally ready to bust into the new Quantum You!

You may have seen Dr Espen all over the news, the TV & from his raving fans across the globe, well now is your chance to see him live, in person and in your city. Listen to Dr Espen Hjalmby – the man who went from 2 broken legs and a near-death infection to becoming an Australian Ninja Warrior Semi-Finalist and a Multi 7-Figure Business Entrepreneur – on how you can create Quantum Healing, Peak Performance and Fulfilment in all 8 areas of your life!