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Freedom Fest

Truth, Freedom & Community

Freedom Fest
Sunshine Coast 

Freedom of Choice and Speech, body autonomy and our inalienable rights are currently under threat. Humanity is in trouble we are being manipulated, coerced, censored, sick, poisoned and controlled. The World is on the precipice of change, the path ahead rocky, uncertain and unknown, we are being led to a cliff are you going to follow? Or are you going to regain power, take control, be free and build a beautiful future?

Time to become – peaceful warriors – change makers – truth seekers

 NOW is the time to Empower, Educate and Unite, connecting as one, coming from a place of love and peace. The intention is to create a beautiful, healthy, happy, abundant, community and future, one that we all want and deserve. The awakening is here, an amazing opportunity to build a better more conscious world on ALL levels, it’s up to you.

Join us at the Sunshine Coast’s Friendly ‘’Freedom Fest’- @ Cotton Tree Park, Maroochydore Sunshine coast

Next Event to be announced

 Speakers | Music  | Peaceful protest | Foodies | Market stands 

Join like-minded Freedom Keepers for a day of inspirational and educational speakers leading the way, listen and sing along to heart fulfilling music and vibes, connect and empower likeminded & browse the Freedom stalls from local businesses.

With what has and is currently transpiring in the world with our freedom and rights being take from us we know its vital we come together, educate and support the community. We are passionate about building community, educate, raise awareness, share, give individuals an opportunity to shine –

A collaboration between Change makers Laura Di Mambro- Conscious Life Events & Allona Lahn -Healthier Minds Community

Every action and choice YOU make now create YOUR reality and YOUR future.  and we are encouraging everyone to choose FREEDOM and LOVE
The ultimate choice is NOW yours – your action, your time, your intention will create our reality and our future.