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Connecting To Your Inner Healing Wisdom

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Let’s explore a few examples of what can occur in your body if you keep ignoring it.

If you don’t acknowledge, meet, understand and transform your anger it will affect your liver, heart, lungs and potentially lead to headaches, reproductive issues, inflammatory conditions, allergies etc.

Unprocessed sadness and grief will weaken your lungs and heart – potentially causing depression, numbness and disassociation, pneumonia, frozen shoulders, memory loss, lower back pain, irritable bowel syndrome etc. 

Worry will weaken your stomach and create a host of digestive issues, abate your abilities to make decisions and lead to self sabotage. 

Stress will weaken your heart and brain and potentially lead to strokes, heart attacks, teeth grinding, jaw problems, brain tumours etc. 

Fear greatly weakens your kidneys and leads to urinary infections, venereal disease, OCD, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, cysts, haemorrhoids etc.

As we delve deeper we realise that much of what happened in our childhood, in particular in the womb and the next seven years of life, as well as anything our ancestors have not worked on, can appear as anxiety, depression, overwhelming fear and other health conditions later in our lives.

Ailments that are inexplicable, come out of nowhere and are difficult to heal are often related past life experiences. They are not here to make you suffer, but to wake you up and help you learn the lessons that you, yourself have instilled into your Astral or Etheric Body.

There is a spiritual law which says that any part of yourself that you don’t use will start to decline and wither away.

This can occur to a female or a male person as we have both the feminine and the masculine within us. A male could potentially disown his sensitive, intuitive artistic aspect, because his father or mother made him feel that a boy should be tough. This can then manifest in a variety of disorders – from addictions of all kind to heart problems, asthma, reproductive issues, diabetes and a variety of cancers. 

It’s only when we understand and have the tools to tune in and work on ourselves that wholeness can be possible.

One of the main reasons I mainly teach workshops now, is that I have realised that healing is a personal experience and whether someone heals or doesn’t, completely depends on them, their willingness to learn the correct ways to do things and their ability to embrace change.

While healing can occur instantly, the majority of the time we need to develop a daily healing practice in order to strengthen our inner being. Even when healing is not physical, because there are karmic lessons that need to be learnt, if we work on ourselves we can always grow, evolve, forgive, understand and transform.

This type of healing is extremely important as it actually sets up our future lives.

We have to see healing from the point of view of a Big Picture. Just as we go to sleep every day and have time during sleep where we are in dreamless sleep, and are connecting to Higher Beings, the next day, we wake up ready for a new experience. Dying is a similar process to sleep, we have some time out in the spiritual world and then we come back. What we do in this life has a major impact on our health, where and to whom we are born in future lives. 

Attending workshops can profoundly accelerate your healing journey. Not only will you understand how to accurately use a combination of healing processes but also when you release a trauma, everyone else who resonated with it has an opportunity to free themselves. Thus, the potency of our capacity to heal and grow together multiplies a great deal!

Inna Segal is an internationally award winning best-selling author of The Secret Language of Your Bodyand The Secret of Life Wellness as well as various card decks.

Inna is an internationally recognized healer, professional speaker and author who’s work is supported by medical doctors and natural health practitioners from virtually every modality.
Inna is a gifted healer and a pioneer in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness. She can “see” illness and blocks in a person’s body by intuitive means, explain what is occurring, and guide people through self-healing processes. For more information please visit:


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