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Jason Reynolds

A masterful communicator causing ripples of energetic and excited change across the world through his teaching and coaching to bring developmental language and growth.

Jason Reynolds

Taking people beyond the philosophical chatter into deliberate action… 

Jason facilitates powerful, Organisational Architecture and the development of Personal Governance required for long term success. He is passionate about the everyday hero and in particular the next generation, yet his career spans across progressive multi-nationals, successful entrepreneurs and elite performerupon various stages.  

His work is focused upon the individual becoming their authority, establishing the state of Personal Governance required to explore sovereignty. 

 He speaks deliberately and profoundly into embracing the chaos we create, providing a proven navigation to embrace the unknown within all of us. 

He is not focused on changing the world but having individuals change theirs, inspiring others to do the same by the example they provide. His teaching is confronting and unconventional, but inconveniently simple. He asks you to see the obvious and take action into life by activating an undeniable, yet powerful frequency signature. 

His work with The Quantum Movement may just reestablish what we know about self-healing as clients consistently move beyond terminal diagnosis.  

 Going against the common approach, Jason maintains a low profile. He has not sought followers or growing a community, instead setting people free to follow an unencumbered pathway within.  

After 20+ years, Jason is now in process of exposing and launching his life’s work. 


Present Moment 8 week Program


 We invite you to join us in this INTRO Webinar where Jason will teach a simple practice which has been refined, elevated & taught for many years. It is a process which transforms the individual from a state of stimulated and reactive mental activity into a place of clarified and peaceful presence.

Present Moment is a simple practice though it is immensely powerful. A daily practice that enables you to become aware of the disconnected conversation of your mind which is distracting you from a present state of ease. A practice to bring you to your own attention and presence by releasing, purging and letting it go of what does not serve you.
This simple daily practice will have a great impact on how you experience life and that once understood can heal broken relationships, release deep seeded judgments on yourself and those around you let alone find a place of peace and clam in the most challenging of moments, mend …

A space which has been created to support you as you journey through this experience. We encourage you to ask questions, share and connect, so that you can gain understanding and learn alongside others on this journey.


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