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Jason Reynolds

A masterful communicator causing ripples of energetic and excited change across the world through his teaching and coaching to bring developmental language and growth.

Jason Reynolds

Taking people beyond the philosophical chatter into deliberate action… 

Jason facilitates powerful, Organisational Architecture and the development of Personal Governance required for long term success. He is passionate about the everyday hero and in particular the next generation, yet his career spans across progressive multi-nationals, successful entrepreneurs and elite performerupon various stages.  

His work is focused upon the individual becoming their authority, establishing the state of Personal Governance required to explore sovereignty. 

 He speaks deliberately and profoundly into embracing the chaos we create, providing a proven navigation to embrace the unknown within all of us. 

He is not focused on changing the world but having individuals change theirs, inspiring others to do the same by the example they provide. His teaching is confronting and unconventional, but inconveniently simple. He asks you to see the obvious and take action into life by activating an undeniable, yet powerful frequency signature. 

His work with The Quantum Movement may just reestablish what we know about self-healing as clients consistently move beyond terminal diagnosis.  

 Going against the common approach, Jason maintains a low profile. He has not sought followers or growing a community, instead setting people free to follow an unencumbered pathway within.  

After 20+ years, Jason is now in process of exposing and launching his life’s work. 


Become your Authority-Online and group program



Playing safe, having the same conversations, with similar people, living in the same spaces…for some of us boredom has become justified… 

When was the last time you courageously said what you meant? 

When was the last time you boldly shared the entire idea? 

When was the last time you were unapologetically you? 

When was the last time you were truly inspired? 

Sad thing is you may have answered positively to the above questions…you may even remember being bold, being inspired and being you…but is this just an island in the stream and is it the solid rock upon which you consistently stand? 

Truth be told all of us can get there, though only a small few can stay there, which means nearly none of us will ever expand from there… 

Fear is the cause but if you’re ready for it to no longer be the result, it may be time to Become Your Authority… 


Time to learn what you do not know…and explore a life and leave your future behind…  

 Navigate The Unknown – Embrace Your Darkness – Confront Your Truth!  

 Discover Your Quantum Movement!! 


26 Weeks Of Learning + 26 Weeks of Integration and Elevation = 1 Year of Transformation. Learn to confidently be YOU! 

 You will not learn to heal as there is nothing to fix, instead set yourself free in the permanence and progression of UNDERSTANDING YOU!!