Alessandro Berenato & Sophie Das-Neves

Sophie , Health Psychologist & Hygienic Lifestyle Coach, specialises in Positive Psychology, Natural Nutrition and the Hygienic treatment of mental health imbalance. At 30 years of age, a debilitating illness threatened her life.  Determined not to leave her children without a mother, she discovered the teachings of Orthopathy (Natural Hygiene).  She applied these Hygienic principles to her life, with miraculous effect and began her formal study of Natural Hygiene

Alessandro Berenato is an Holistic Health & Performance Coach, specialised in Functional Strength and Neuroplasticity.  He is a Master of Empowering people to shift their Mindset and beliefs into positivity & confidence, for 100% success. Co-Founder of VITAL HEALTH NHP, Founder of AB Functional Fitness and The Cycle of Life, Alessandro narrowly escaped death in a motorbike accident going from being in a coma and a wheel chair, to being in his best shape in his 40’s


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1 November 2022