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Inna Segal



Secret Language of Your Body and Beyond

Please join Inna Segal, the bestselling, award winning author of The Secret Language of Your Body, live for this rare and deeply transformational event.

You may be familiar with the obvious ways your body communicates with you through aches, pains, sensations and discomfort.
But what if there was a deeper, more mysterious, subtle way that your body was trying to get messages across to you?
What if understanding this hidden language meant a choice between living your life – fully, consciously and powerfully or being a victim of dis-ease, struggle and frustration?

What if learning this secret language and applying its wisdom was the key to your healing, inner guidance, self-refinement and evolution?

Would you be willing to learn?

Can you imagine having the ability to deeply understand the hidden world inside you and around you and to speak the language that your body, heart, soul and spirit understood?

During this Workshop You Will:

– Discover how to begin to recognise the language with which your body communicates

– Truly understand what elements can create dis-ease in your body and what you can do to start creating change today?

– Learn simple but powerful exercises of how to ground yourself

– Participate in a profound heart opening process

– Learn the power of combining your Thinking, Feeling and Willing centres in order to heal.

– Understand the absolute importance of working with the power of your “I am”or “true self”to penetrate into deeply hidden areas of your inner being in order to have the possibility of healing the most difficult conditions.

-Experience how to work with your cellular memories to release old stagnant energy

-Discover how sound healing can help you to release pain

-Understand why healthy boundaries are crucial in order to keep your vitality

-Participate in a movement based healing process to teach your Astral body how to keep healthy boundaries.

-Discover what the feminine and masculine aspects of your body are trying to teach you

– Experience the power of energy and colour healing to revitalize your body.

– Learn how to work most effectively with Inna’s Book The Secret Language of Your Body in order to heal your body and your life.

– Become aware of the new and updated information Inna has discovered since she wrote The Secret Language of Your Body. (This could be the real key to your transformation.)

–  Experience a rare opportunity to ask Inna questions.

This powerful workshop will offer you profound insight into your health and how to heal yourself, it’s not to be missed!

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