Sunshine Coast 6 week course starting 20 September 2023

With TRE trauma and tension release exercises, Mindfulness, Vagal Toning & Yoga Nidra

Offering practical tools and insights, shake off trauma and tension with TRE (trauma recovery exercise or neurogenic tremoring), mindfulness & yoga nidra is gold. This life changing course offers tools to better manage and deal with stress and shake off past held trauma.

Learn to trust your amazing body to heal. To release the past and embrace a new way of living. And through the practices of mindfulness, TRE and yoga nidra learn how important self-care is and develop deeper self-compassion. We do not have to suffer in silence, unheard and confused. This course will support your journey to inner and outer freedom.

Venue: Mangalam Retreat in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Hosts: Soraya Saraswati and Terry Oldfield