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The Quantum Movement
Awakening Independence

We teach you how to Become Your Authority.

Beyond the philosophical chatter, we establish an environment which prioritises the cultivation of independence and authenticity over conformity and community.

We challenge heart centered leaders bold enough to explore their unknowns and liberate the previously avoided and misunderstood recesses within to unapologetically express their truth.

The Quantum Movement delivers simple yet profound teachings, provides deep journeys into mentoring for elevation and support that causes you to willingly confront and embrace all aspects of life.

We know you will fall; we simply teach how to get back up.

To live a life in an integrated state of awareness through a rhythmic alignment of the physical and energetic states of being is the focus for our clients.

As an organisation we focus upon you and your ability to apply confidently what you have been exposed to.

Our focus is not philosophy but the understanding of your “How To”

Limited Theories, Unlimited Actions…


To continually deliver an accessible library of profound elevational programs that allow those who dare, to boldly express the truth of what they are.
Set upon the foundation of Personal Governance, the understanding of how to maintain a connection and navigate the unknown is individually established.
 The Quantum Movement exists to awaken people to their truth, enabling them to independently act upon it.

Present Moment
Awakening Independence

✨Is it time to express your self authentically and without apology?
✨Is it time to stop justifying the reasons for suffering and pain?
✨Is it time to reclaim your personal freedoms?

If you are ready to awaken your Independence then please join us in our
FREE intro webinar to find out more on  Thurs 2nd Sept 7pmthe launch of our Present Moment 10 wk program starting Mid Sept

 What is the Present Moment Experience? 

  • Present Moment is a liberating experience – Exposing to you a simple daily process that confirms you as the prime creator in your life. Its elegantly powerful, re-establishing your native state of ease.
  • This means a life free from the shadows anxiety and depression by finding your conviction to complete the life you started.
  • A process to bring you into the love of your attention by releasing and letting go of what no longer serves you, those maintained toxicities.
  • This simple daily practice will have a great impact on how you experience life. Once understood, you (no one else) can heal your broken relations, release deep seeded judgments of yourself and those around you to maintain a place of peace and calm in the most challenging of life’s unexpected moments…
  • You will be surprised how quickly you experience and then integrate your change and create space for genuine wealth in your life.

 What will I experience ? 

  • Fulfillment, through a deep personal acceptance
  • Letting go of the need to justify or prove who you are.
  • Overcome pain, through a process of Quantum Integration.
  • A confident understanding on how to move forward.
  • A freedom to express yourself with unapologetic grace…ALWAYS!
  • The ability to communicate a deeper reality with those you love.
  • How to embrace and then transcend the past, without reliving it.
  • Most importantly…how to embrace your unseen brilliance…ongoing!

 What’s Included 

  • An engaged space, created by experienced teachers dedicated to your growth.
  • Step by Step guidance on how to move through your current/future uncertainties.
  • Ongoing access to all content for your lifetime via your secured account
  • Engagement of teachers which will support you well beyond this experience.
  • Authentic relationships with real people who will inspire you.
  • Our commitment to your growth…it is why we exist.

This simple daily practice will have a great impact on how you experience life and that once understood can heal broken relationships, release deep seeded judgments on yourself and those around you let alone find a place of peace and calm in the most challenging of moments…

✨ Register FREE for the Intro webinar✨


Immediate Zen

FREE 4 week experience starting Thursday 9th September.
Immediate Zen will expose you to eternal principles and practices which will always work for you, when you apply them…
These practices are not about finding a new rhythm, it is aligning with the one which is always there…
it is not the content shared that is important but the degree at which you understand how to use it in all areas of your life…This is exactly what we share with you.
It is our intention that you not only prosper but confidently understand so you can apply independently in the inevitable expansion of your life.

Do you only have pain, lack or frustration because this is when you give yourself permission to take action…?

Not enough wealth…
Not enough confidence…
Not enough intimacy…
Not enough intelligence…
Not enough freedom…
Not enough courage…
What is enough…when will it be for you?


Want to come on a journey to embrace your brilliance?


 4 Live Sessions | 2 Q&A’s that only stop once you understand | Clear documentation so you can apply easily and confidently in your life|  Priority Access into Quantum 8’s experience

PLEASE NOTE – We have never and most likely will never again offer something like this for free…we now invite you.. 

To be part of our FREE 4 week program you must be a member of our…
‘A Quantum Journey’ Private Group 

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