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The Quantum Movement
Awakening Independence

We teach you how to Become Your Authority.

Beyond the philosophical chatter, we establish an environment which prioritises the cultivation of independence and authenticity over conformity and community.

We challenge heart centered leaders bold enough to explore their unknowns and liberate the previously avoided and misunderstood recesses within to unapologetically express their truth.

The Quantum Movement delivers simple yet profound teachings, provides deep journeys into mentoring for elevation and support that causes you to willingly confront and embrace all aspects of life.

We know you will fall; we simply teach how to get back up.

To live a life in an integrated state of awareness through a rhythmic alignment of the physical and energetic states of being is the focus for our clients.

As an organisation we focus upon you and your ability to apply confidently what you have been exposed to.

Our focus is not philosophy but the understanding of your “How To”

Limited Theories, Unlimited Actions…


To continually deliver an accessible library of profound elevational programs that allow those who dare, to boldly express the truth of what they are.
Set upon the foundation of Personal Governance, the understanding of how to maintain a connection and navigate the unknown is individually established.
 The Quantum Movement exists to awaken people to their truth, enabling them to independently act upon it.

Present Moment
Awakening Independence

A deep, transformational “9-week” life living experience…
to reclaim your sovereignty-starting in Jan 2022

We will expose you to an eternal reality that confirms you as the prime creator in your life. Beyond hope or wishing, into understanding how to live your life with certainty, by choice and maintaining a state of QUANTUM INTEGRATION. It is the depth of this practice which makes it so different…one practice for all of your life…that you will love to maintain.


Once these foundations are understood their individual power be undeniable in your life. The speed of the transformation may confront you as you gracefully align with your native rhythms within weeks.

The first element transforms you from a state of overwhelm and reactive mental activity into a space of clarified and peaceful presence. You will create an environment where powerful action will become your choice.

The second element is understanding how to confidently apply the powerful art of creation. This is a genuine responsibility to master, not a random, wishful activity. You will learn to embody

your greater significance with humility and patience to create your life with certainty.

Present Moment is a powerful daily practice enabling you to silence the disruptive and persistent conversation of your mind, distracting you from a native and creative state of ease.

This is NOT about a fleeting change or breakthrough…

We will teach you to master living life guided by your truth. Answering eternal questions about your existence and unique purpose to take bold action.

For those who want to explore a life as a tranformational teacher or looking to progress from coaching and mentoring, Present Moment is also the first part of our curriculum for THE INTEGRATED TEACHER.

“I can’t recommend the course contents, or the integrity and heart behind these courses enough…” – Kate
“I feel transformed. I feel more like me. I feel confident, happy, I have energy and life is moving forward. I’m excited for the future and what’s to come…” – Jackie

16 Application Rich Sessions – Lifetime Access To Content – Unlimited Support

A commitment you will master all processes to confidently navigate your life well beyond this experience.

What we share with you is UNIQUE (created by The Quantum Movement).

It has been refined over 15 years into simple and precise processes that will establish your ENERGETIC STRUCTURE, exposing you to a state of Quantum Integration.


9 weeks – 18 Sessions
Dedicated Community
Lifetime Access to Content
Access to 100hrs+ of Content
Lifetime of Personal Freedoms
Unlimited Support


Two dedicated in-person sessions weekly. One session delivers powerful content, the second ensures you confidently understand it.All sessions are documented and recorded for your convenience.


An interactive community provides you with LIVE in the moment support, a library of videos and written walkthroughs to ensure you are always able to move forward, when you are ready.


You are supported by a dedicated teacher and guide. Support is available by phone, email and social platforms throughout the entire Present Moment experience…and beyond if required.

Over 9 weeks you will become a part of an intimate community of changemakers, developing life changing networks. This is a journey into your independence yet many long-Term relations are formed in the space we create.

Present Moment is a 9-week immersion, though our commitment to you extends well beyond the Present Moment.

Our commitment is to your independence. We love what we do.


Pay Initial Deposit Now of (US)$111 to secure your space.
Remainder to either be paid in full anytime prior to January 7, 2022 OR commence a 9 week payment plan in Jan 2022.

Extended Payment Plans also available now -must commence before 19 November 2022
Please follow the link below

13jan(jan 13)6:30 am10mar(mar 10)7:30 am‘Present Moment’ Experience6:30 am – (march 10) 7:30 am AEST ONLINE Event Organized By: The Quantum Movement